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Sunday 17 August 2014


I thought I'd start writing posts about every now and again about products/ things that I am currently obsessed with because I don't always post reviews of everything I use and although this is Obsessed By Beauty I also happen to be Obsessed by a whole lot more so I thought it would be good to share.

I was having a little browse of Sephora this weekend and came across the Smashbox Full Exposure palette  (Link) which is available in a miniature size (Link) with 6 of the shades from the full palette, the reason I haven't purchased the palette as of yet is because I wouldn't use all the shades, this miniature is perfect as I would use them all. Obviously it isn't released in the UK and those who stock it in the US won't ship it to the UK …. I'm contemplating emigrating it's annoyed me that much.

As my I can't get my hands on the Smashbox palette I've immersed myself in the Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess Colour Coded Palette, I reviewed it when I first got it (Link) and I love it just as much now; the quality is just unbeatable in my opinion - the shadows are incredibly pigmented, buttery soft and they last on my oily eyelids without creasing like no others. Worth every penny.

I received the Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eyeliners (Link) a while ago and I have to say I would never think to buy these due to my lack of clubbing action however I have used them everyday since getting them, they apply like a dream as they're so soft and then once they're set they do not budge. I particularly love the stunning cobalt blue shade Bleu NĂ©on is amazing used instead of liquid liner (I actually apply it over black liquid liner) as it's so intense and eye catching (the word pop and eye will never be typed on this blog) the shade I've used the most is Taupe of The Top it's a gorgeous metallic muted gold which I use as an eye shadow base and it helps to keep my shadow crease free all day.

I don't think I can describe my obsession with products that smell like Fig other than the fact that I have to immediately purchase the product if it says fig anywhere in the description. I've never eaten a fig in my life but boy do I like smelling like one. This Roger & Gallet Fleur De Figuier Ultra Nourishing Body Oil is the ultimate lazy girl moisturiser, a quick spritz, a very light rubbing in and you're done. It smells incredible, like fruity figgy goodness and it makes your skin like silk. Essential currently have a half price sale on Roger & Gallet and it's £16.83 instead of £25.50 (Link).

Before May 2014 I don’t think I had owned a pair of Clarkes shoes since the age of 10; I now own SIX. Granted only three designs but still Clarkes have really raised their game. They make without doubt the comfortable shoes I've ever set foot in, their heels have very generously padded souls and the chunky heels make them a dream to walk in; I own three pair of these Babble Brook Design (Link) honestly if you work in an office get a pair, their flats are immediately comfortable, not once ounce of rubbing occurs and they don't require any kind of breaking in. I saw a pair of KG by Kurt Geiger boots on Asos the other day and they cost £90 and were imitation leather, all my shoes from Clarkes are leather and the most I've paid for them are £45, they are well made shoes and a reasonably priced.

I am currently having an addiction to Nespresso in particular the Ciocattino pods, I love a mocha and as we have little Nespresso stations at work (my boss is a major coffee addict) I thought I'd buy myself some pods. MISTAKE. I now want to drink mochas 24/7 and am even going to get a Nespresso for home and get rid of my Dolce Gusto machine it's just not cutting it!

I'm an A-List star if you didn't know and currently #1 celeb in the whole world … the whole Kim Kardashian Hollywood world but no biggie, I'm hooked doing photo shoots, going on dates and working at Dash. To the point that I actually set an alarm at 3am to finish my photo shoot. No joke. I thought when I get to #1 (I'm ambitious it was going to happen) I could kick my habit and delete the app but i'm just as hooked.

Tell me what your obsessions are!

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