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Monday 22 September 2014

Another month has left us and I couldn't be more excited for the autumn, there's something about chunky knits, tights and boots that always gets my inner fashionista eager to come out.

August saw me take a giant leap into the world of crazy hair colours and also saw me get over a big fear and conquer my first driving lesson and so September has seen me hit the road and I am so excited to get my drive on now and and fly about in my mini (although I've been told they don't fly, need to get me some Flubber)

I thought I would share the products I have been enjoying over the past few weeks ...

Rapid White Teeth Strips £22.00 (Link) - I think we've all been to eBay at some point to try and purchase the Crest Whitening Strips which aren't available in the UK, I have used them before and can confirm they work however they are a pain and expensive and can cause some major sensitivity. The Rapid White strips actually dissolve on your teeth which is strange but they work wonders in removing stains and giving you the pearliest white teeth and of course are approved for use in this country which is always something that bothers me when I purchase the Crest strips.

Glam Glow Super Mud £34.99 (Link) - This is a major hyped up product and the price tag made me resist for a long time, I went for the Super Mud which is for blemish prone skin; now I don’t really use it as an overall face mask because I don't really have major breakouts over my face so it seems a waste of very expensive product what I use it for is a spot treatment, if I feel a spot forming I just apply a dot of the mask overnight on the areas that need it and the next morning the spot has disappeared or improved dramatically.

Jurlique Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator £34.00 (Link) - Jurlique is a brand I hadn't tried before and once I saw and tried this exfoliator I knew we'd get on a treat. Of course it's an acid based exfoliator and unlike others that i've used you use this as a mask so wash it off, if you've been afraid of acidic exfoliators this might be a good place to start as it contains natural enzymes as the active ingredient. My skin has been loving this and become incredibly smooth and soft after each use, I highly recommend if you're after brighter softer skin.

RMK Concealer Palette £40.00 (Link) - I require some heavy duty concealment every day, my dark circles are something of a pain in the arse and this palette from RMK is the perfect solution as it has a corrector, concealer and setting powder in a very handy compact. As you can see it is well loved as it works wonders and does so without looking heavy or creasing during the day.

How could I not include my hair! It was a challenge at first keeping the colour in but I think I've grasped it and I am now living harmoniously as a once a week washer (god damn I love you bleach), the compliments I get daily are just lovely, I walk about on air being called a 'my little pony', 'Barbie', 'mermaid' etc it's great and such a conversation starter!

My Etsy Store (Link)- I'm constantly making little organisational print outs for myself so I thought i'd start a little Etsy store with them for people to download, I will keep updating with more tools including some Filofax inserts etc but thought i'd introduce it to my readers just in case anyone is is an organisational freak like myself!

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