REVIEW: Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanse

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Due to Alpha H repackaging the majority of their products recently quite a few websites had some great offers on and I had to partake, I managed to get the Liquid Gold and Triple Action Cleanser duo for around £23 (The liquid gold is £34 on it's own) and I only really bought the duo because of the saving on the liquid gold.

I thought I'd give the Triple Action Cleanser a whirl as I had it so though I may as well, I didn’t look at reviews or descriptions so I didn't really know what to expect. On the back of the product it says you can use it as a makeup remover … Don't! Use something else as this stings the eyes and not in a good way.*

If you have blemish prone, sensitive, angry skin this is a great cleanser to choose, it contains Aloe Vera which will calm down any irritation and sore skin and Triclosan - an antibacterial ingredient that reduces the spread of bacteria on the surface of the skin which will reduce in the amount of blemishes. The none foaming cleanser also helps balance the pH of the skin which again will reduce the amount of break outs without drying out the skin.

I've used it for about two months now and I love using it, it's a great cleanser for the morning as it gentle and leaves your skin refreshed without drying it out or bringing out any redness. For the evening I use as my second cleanse again it cleanses my skin without any drying or tightness and is designed to be used before liquid gold so it sets my skin up perfectly for the next step in my routine.

The results I've seen are a reduction in blemishes and I can tell the difference from when I don't use it if I'm away, I've also notice the dryness in certain areas of my face improve; this may not be to do with the cleanser entirely but I really think it sets the skin up perfectly for the products that are applied on top making them more effective.

I highly recommend this and will continue to use and would likely repurchase when I eventually run out of face cleansers … so about 2020. I would also like to encourage Alpha H to make travel sizes of their products because I spend at least 2 nights a week away from home and lugging the full sizes around is a little tedious! It is £25.00 for 200mls (Link)

Are you an Alpha H fan? Or did you partake in the QVC Today's Special Value earlier this month? What did you think?
* Anchorman Sex Panther Reference

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