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Saturday 17 January 2015

Bit late on this post but I really wanted to think about the items that I truly think made the biggest difference to my life beauty wise over the past 12 months and here they are.

Bianca Skin TCA Peels and Bloodless Vampire Facials
This had to be my number one favourite, perhaps even of all time. I was always so conscious of my skin, I never really had acne but I did have enlarged pores and I hated it, so when I had my lips done and Bianca mentioned she could help me with my skin and I have never looked back. With a combination of TCA peels (Review) and Bloodless Vampire Facials (Review) I have seen a massive difference and I urge anyone who feels down about your skin to look into having these treatments, I wholeheartedly recommend Bianca her treatments are effective, she is so friendly and she is such a professional. It's made a huge difference in my life and skin is not worth being miserable over especially when you can do something that actually works.

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation £32.00 (Link)
I really disliked this foundation when I first had a tube, I thought it was utter rubbish and I thought all the bloggers who were praising it were either deluded or just plain lying if I'm honest. When I gave it another shot over summer I drastically changed my opinion and I have loved using it, I have actually just bought my winter shade so the fact I have two tubes means it's love. You can read my updated review here (Link) where I eat my words about my initial thoughts.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation £29.50 (Link)
I had always eyed the Double Wear Light up but as I wasn't skin confident I always went for its heavier coverage cousin Double Wear as my skin has improved over the year I wanted to finally be able to wear the DWL and I love the stuff, It is the perfect every day foundation; not heavy at all, blends in like a dream and lasts all day. My only criticism and it's probably quite a bad one is the shade range, why Esteé Lauder don't have their usual foundation shades available in this formula is a travesty because they would have my custom for life if they did because the shades are just too pink for my very yellow skin so I can only just get away with the shade I own in summer! But for those precious tanned months I live the dream!

Laura Geller Balance n Brighten Powder Foundation £28.02 (Link)
I actually purchased this powder twice in a year … unheard of for me because I haven’t ever formed an attachment to a powder before, you can read my full review here (Link) but if you want to set your makeup so it stays put all day without looking cakey and so it looks radiant and glowing use this. Like with the Esteé Lauder DWL all the powders in the range end up looking pink on me so I've retired my current powder for summer as it doesn't look as obvious when I have a tan! Why wont cosmetic companies cater to us yellowies??

Bourjois 1 Volume Second Mascara £9.99 (Link)
BUY IT. Enough said this really is one of the best mascaras I've ever used, the best mascara I've used for the price for sure. My original review is here (Link) and I stand by every word I wrote and have used it every day since May.

RMK Eye Balm £38.00 (Link)
Although my skin may be quite oily the skin around my eye is fairly dry, the RMK Eye Balm has been a godsend and I've seen a huge difference in the texture under my eyes, this is a solid balm that you use a little spoon to get out the pot and massage it around the eyes; the spoon and massage instructions are supplied and it's a real treat. I've used mine for months and I've barely used any as you need so little so it's a good investment as I can see a pot lasting a good year, I use as a night time treatment over my Alpha H eye cream (which is a gel) and I wake up with hydrated none puffed eyes. Winner.

RMK Concentrate Cream £64.00 (Link)
This came to my rescue over the autumn and winter months, I had a few dry patches of skin and overall was dehydrated and the Concentrate Cream just sorted it in no time. My skin is now plump, hydrated and very happy. It is an investment as it's not the cheapest cream on the market but I always think effective skin care is something worth investing your money in. You only get one face!

Korres Shower Gel £8.00 (Link)
This may seem an odd one but bare with me, every shower gel I seem to come across used to bring me out in spots on my chest and back especially Radox ones which were more like a full allergic reaction so when I discovered Korres did a fig scent I naturally had to try everything from the range and also came to a conclusion that my skin got on tremendously with the shower gel and now nothing but Korres touches my body … product wise! The range has some fantastic scents so I never get bored and the shower gel, body milk and body butter are all firm life favourites.

Tom Ford Black Orchid £52.00 (Link)
I fell head over heels for this fragrance this year having loathed it for years, I have no doubt it's because I'm older and can handle the more intense dark scents and wear them without feeling like a street walker or in this case like I'm wearing aftershave. I want this to be my signature scent because it's so memorable and unique in the sense that no one I know wears it and I feel very few actually do because they might think it's more expensive than it actually is so never really look. It's not as expensive as Chanel fragrances so if you're happy paying for those check out the Tom Ford fragrances … just avoid the square bottomed bottles they'll set you back a few pennies!

What were some of your 2014 favourites?

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  1. Like you I have always worn Double Wear, being skin conscious is the worst! Would love to give Double Wear Light a try, maybe next pay day I'll treat myself :) the shower gel also sounds great, it's so good to find a blogger that has to worry about the same skin worries as me!
    Liv xox


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