REVIEW: RMK Refreshing Gel

Tuesday 13 January 2015

My thoughts on overnight masks must be public knowledge by now surely … I can't get enough of them - quite simply it's effortless beatification; Let's face it who can be bothered mid week to spend the joyous 5 minutes taking off their makeup, slapping on a mask to only have to get back up and remove it .. Not me! So sleeping in a treatment is heavenly, you wake up looking refreshed and once I hit my midweek slump this is totally needed.

Having used the RMK Recovery Gel I was eager to try their new offering: Refreshing Gel - it promises to 'cool and calm your skin whilst you sleep. Boasting a lightweight yet luxurious texture, this multi-tasking gel thoroughly hydrates your skin from its lowest level to its outer barrier, as well as tightening your pores to reduce surface shine. Enriched with rose fruit and bilberry extract, it will drench your skin in lavish moisture, whilst helping to comfort areas of irritation. You'll wake up to even-toned, radiant skin that is hydrated and protected'

Although I have oily skin it can get very dehydrated at times and look very sallow and my pores look much bigger, whenever this happens I tend to reach for an overnight mask as they just fix my skin, I wake up with plump hydrated skin and my pores appear a lot smaller. During the winter my skin gets battered by the wind and rain and I can't describe how calming this gel is and how much it soothes my sore skin. In the warmer summer months this is has such a cooling effect on the face and it stays cool for a long time not just initially so I couldn't recommend it enough if you've had some sun exposure. A must have product for a holiday to ensure your face is well hydrated and calmed after a day in the sun.

It has a menthol smell which I personally love as it feels so refreshing (wise name choice) and invigorating it also helps to decongest if you’re suffering from a cold, my skin feels like silk the next day and I find my makeup glides on my skin as everything is so well hydrated and plump. A definite treatment to use before a special occasion because it doesn't encourage any purifying of the skin like a lot of masks which will bring your blemishes to the surface, this mask just makes your skin look so much more plump and much brighter.

All in all another top RMK product and one I recommend to anyone with sore skin whether it is from too much sun or too much winter. RMK is available from Selfridges and LookFantastic, you can pick up the Refreshing Gel for £35.00 (Link)

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