REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Flimstar Bronze & Glow Palette

Thursday 15 January 2015

Have you ever seen a more stunning palette, this really is the ultimate dressing table accessory with its luxurious art deco rose gold packaging all I want to do is look at it and in my head I'm a Hollywood bombshell from the 20's applying my lipstick … on a bus.

Packaging aside as with every other product from Charlotte Tilbury's line I've tried the Bronze and Glow itself is fantastic, containing a contour bronzing shade and a highlighter this adds dimension to the face in a beautifully subtle way.

The contour shade is the perfect cool tone to sculpt your face without looking grimy which can happen with the wrong shade of contour and a makeup mistake I see so often. The Bronze and Glow adds the perfect dimension to your face without looking too 'done' and you can also use the shade as a bronzer if you're not into contouring and it is no way an orange oompa lumpa look, because it’s a cool tone it just appears to give a healthy glow; Nothing shimmery or sparkly just overall radiance and it couldn’t be more pretty if it tried.

The highlighter again imparts a stunning subtle glow onto the face without any sort of sparkle which can look a bit beauty queen contestant-y. Anyone with oily skin would definitely get along with this product as matte products can make the face look dull, with the help of Bronze and Glow you get the longevity of the matte makeup but can look beautifully luminous without the oily skin look and have wonderful radiant skin we all crave … well most of us.

Of course it isn't cheap but the pure luxury product is definitely worth the purchase, you get a bronzer/contour and a highlighter in gorgeous packaging with a large mirror and the very very very sad day I run out of the products I will definitely be using it as my everyday makeup mirror (I'm a little too afraid to do that at the moment in case I, god forbid scratch the product with the end of a makeup brush)

It is available from Selfridges (Link) for £49.00, I definitely think this is the most luxurious product I've used, have you tried anything so beautiful before?


  1. I'm in love with the palette, it looks amazing on you :)

  2. I've had my eye on this for a while and I'm so happy you showed it on your face as every other review I've read is just pictures of the product so thank you! (Although my bank balance probably won't say the same haha)

    Molly xx

  3. I need to get my hands on this & soon! It's been on my wishlist for a while!

  4. Ive been tempted by this for months now...eeekkk!! xxx


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