Skin Care Additions: Liz Earle Cleanse + Polish

Sunday 14 June 2015

This is one of those skin care additions I reach for when my skin is all over the place, it can be dry, sore and spotty and the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish will have it back to normal in no time. I love this stuff and raved about it loads over the years and having recently acquired a new tube (a supersized one too) I haven’t stopped using it.

I’ve been using Cleanse and Polish off and on for about 10 years, I discovered it when I was 17 when I used to be glued to QVC when skiving sixth form and everything about it to me now is comforting and nostalgic, the smell can completely calm me after the most hectic day or if I’m in a rubbish mood make me feel so much better. Of course it’s not just about that eculptusy smell that keeps me going back to the product but the fact that it just fixes my skin. I use this as my second cleanse and my morning cleanse, it sooths my skin and balances it to normality and I don’t know what witchcraft they practice over there at Liz Earle HQ but if my skin has dry patches and oily spotty angry patches it calms everything down and even if I don’t change anything about my routine other than this addition my skin looks better after a couple of uses and it’s all down to the cleanse and polish.

I will say this is a great product to travel with as well because you can use it to remove your makeup and it does so with ease without any kind of sting, I wear waterproof mascara on a daily basis and it doesn’t have a problem removing it. I prefer to use an oil most nights to remove makeup because I don’t want to waste the C&P on removing my makeup but if I’m stopping over at my other halves house or at a friends I just grab a tube of this rather than multiple products.

£14.00 for 100mls and it's now available at Boots (Link) can I get a Hallelujah!! Think of the advantage card points ladies ... and gents! I've got the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Canister which contains a 150ml Tube and two Cloths for £20.75 (Link) there's also a Limited Edition Trio of the Cleanse and Polish which contains three limited edition scents (Link) so if you know someone Cleanse and Polish mad it would make the perfect gift!


  1. This is literally the most amazing cleanser ever!! I often stray to try new things, but I always come crawling back to Liz Earle :)


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