REVIEW: Laura Mercier Silk Créme Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation

Saturday 20 June 2015

Laura Mercier have recently re-formulated their Silk Cream Foundation, the original is now the Silk Créme Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation and they have introduced the Silk Créme Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation a formula for drier skins. I reviewed the original (Link) and I can honestly say it is my favourite foundation of all time so I was very intrigued to try the new one.

My reasons for adoring the old formula was because it gave you the most fantastic coverage, it was long lasting, and made your skin look really pretty without looking overly made up. The only issue I had with that foundation was that it gave me horrendous spots 24 hours after using it, believe me this didn’t stop me using it but it was put in the ‘special occasion use’ box so if I knew I had to look my best I accepted the impending break out the next day. I hoped and prayed the re-formulation would stop this happening.

For those die hard Silk Cream Foundation fans you need not worry because it is exactly the same, it’s long wearing, gives you good coverage and has that not matte but not glowy finish you just look healthy and like you’ve got naturally beautiful skin.

For those not familiar with the foundation, formula wise it advises on the tube to use a makeup sponge and for once I agree with instructions on the packaging because I think this does need a sponge otherwise it can be a little tricky to blend in and reach the potential this foundation has to offer. I just roughly spread it out on the area I’m working on with my fingers and give it a slight blend then I use a damp beauty blender and bounce it into the skin (which sounds bizarre but the action you use definitely is a bounce) this makes the blending a doddle and makes your complexion look gorgeous.

The Oil free version is definitely for oilier and normal skins, if you have any dryness it does tend to be patchy and cling to those areas but as they have the moisturising edition there’s something for everyone and I do want to try that formula as well for my drier days (when I’ve over done it on liquid gold) and see how it compares.

Now to the question I wanted answering the most; would this new formulation give me the dreaded break out post wear? I initially was super brave and wore it every day for a week and I came through completely blemish free and I’ve used it since and literally nothing has happened so I’m happy to report they seem to have made the formula more tolerable to my skin so it might be worth checking out if this was an issue for you before.

Without doubt the new Silk Créme is my all time favourite foundation and I can now wear it everyday, that is happiness in a sentence! It's £35.00 (Link) for 30mls and definitely worth every penny.


  1. HI Nicola, I've bought this even though I didn't get along with the original version! I hope I get on better with this one-you've done a good job selling it to me!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

  2. This is one of my favourite products ever i wasnt to sure about this one but i want to give this a go


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