Exante Diet: The Sam Bailey Diet Plan

Sunday 30 August 2015

As i've been losing weight over the past few months and sharing my progress on social media i'm often asked which diet i'm on and my reply is always the same: eating more healthily than before and exercising. Having never tried a specific meal plan or diet I thought it would be interesting to try some and see how much difference they actually make.

I came across ExanteDiet specifically their 5:2 diet (Link) which I thought would be very achievable to follow however I then saw that Sam Bailey is their new spokeswoman and recently lost two stone in two months following the ExanteDiet and they have a specific Sam Bailey Meal Plan option to choose which is all your meals for a week/ 2 weeks/ a month depending on whichever option you choose. I thought I would give it a try and share my progress on my blog, as i'm fairly busy day to day I hope it will be a great plan to follow as the pack includes all your meals and you just need to add a bit of fruit and vegetables a day so if you don't have time to plan meals I think you'll be on to a winner with this.

I think it will be a great feature over the next month on the blog and I have my posts planned out for my updates and if you want to join me on the plan and get involved there's a major 40% off discount code for the August Bank Holiday (31st Aug - 1st Sept) so if you act quickly and use BANKHOL you can get 40% off site wide or use code NICOLAEXANTE for 18% off for new customers (Link) if you don't catch the 40% discount in time.

The Sam Bailey 4 week plan is on offer at £80.00 (Link) which for a months worth of food i'd say is a really affordable diet plan compered to some i've seen which is the main reason I thought ExanteDiet was a good long term diet plan to try out. Have you tried ExanteDiet or any of their products before?

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