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Monday 31 August 2015

Roger & Gallet Fleur De Figuier Eau De Parfum (Link) £27.00
I included the water spray version of this scent in my May Favourites and stated my desire to try the newly released EDP version and wow it does not disappoint; it doesn't smell exactly like the original Fleur De Figuier line it's like it's naughty sister. The notes are the perfect combination of sweet, savoury and musky and when most people would probably choose to save for the evening I love this as an everyday scent when my Tom Ford Black Orchid might not be appropriate as it's so distinctive but not at all offensive. The rrp is £40ish which is pricey but Escentual.com have it on offer at the moment (plus 25% off site wide) so if you're contemplating the purchase now's the time; the scent lingers all day so totally worth it.

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer (Link) £22.50
After some recent late nights this concealer has been a total lifesaver as this can cover anything, seriously the word full coverage should have been invented for this concealer. Normally I don't tend to enjoy full cover concealers under my eyes as they can look too much but when this is blended it doesn't look heavy or cakey whatsoever and gives you some insane coverage which stays put all day and of course for spot concealing it's the dogs bol@*cks. I think this is the only Tarte product i've tried so far (until recently it was only available in the US) and I'm itching to try their full coverage foundation and maybe some of their eyeshadows.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wizz (Link) £15.50
Ok so i'm so 2008 i'm so 2000 and late I know I know, this was all the rage on YouTube a couple of years ago and it never appealed to me; the whole point is that it's a super fine retractible pencil and because my brows are so blonde and I'm faced with the mammoth task of filling them in everyday I thought it would take ages and as i'm rather heavy handed the super fine pencil would just brake. I was oh so wrong. This was love at first swipe; it is seriously the pencil I will use until I give up wearing makeup as it just works, my brows look better than they have ever because it fills them in precisely and manages to not looked drawn on. Magic / Witchcraft whichever I am joining the coven!

Roger & Gallet Bienfaits Invigorating Shower Gel (Link) £6.00
I swear i'm not sponsored by R&G, I am a rather sensitive soul with annoying skin that likes to break out anywhere that most shower gels touch so I have to be careful with the body products I use and R&G have never let me down. The Bienfaits is another line I love especially body product wise because I would consider it very unisex so great if you want a shower gel for the whole house, the notes are citrusy but not sweet at all and the bergamot makes it very rich and spicy which in the morning just wakes up all my senses and I will admit to having the hand cream on my desk at work for when I need a pick me up!

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (Link) £36.00
Last month I went to a little Kiehl's introduction at the Trafford Centre in Manchester and I was able to learn all about the brand and their heritage (which I loved, seriously pop in if you can because the staff are lovely) I was sent away with a few little testers and I will admit to never trying Kiehl's before; of course i'd heard of it i'd just not gotten round to trying their products. Another lesson learnt because the Midnight Recovery Concentrate is brilliant, it's a blend of essential oils designed to repair the skin and I have to say my skin has been loving it; it's soft and hydrated more than ever and at £36.00 I think is a must have because i've recently purchased an £85.00 oil and I think I prefer the Kiehl's one for more than half the price.

Schwarzkof Got2B All Star (Link) £2.79
I actually couldn't believe the price when I saw it, the new All Star from Schwarzkof Got2B line is a leave in conditioner designed to do it all hair care wise and to be your best buddy if you're in a pinch for time or need something for your gym bag and this was my intention for it however it never made it to my gym bag. I really like it for using everyday; it makes my hair feel so soft, it looks smooth and I find it doesn't tangle as much during the day when I've used it. A total bargain and winner for me, in fact i've been using a few of their products recently and they perform seriously well against some brands which are much more expensive.

ThisWorks Sleep Plus Pillow Spray (Link) £21.50
Another admission; I probably wouldn't have ever bought this had I not tried it first because sleep deprivation is not something I suffer from ... in fact if sleeping was a talent I think I could win some sort of medal for it much to my boyfriends dismay because he suffers from the 'I can't sleeps' and I fall asleep before my head hits the pillow most nights. I do however suffer from the 3am 'I gotsa pee's' because I drink too much tea and water at night so when I drag myself to the bathroom at night sometimes I struggle to get back to sleep; the Sleep Plus Pillow Spray has saved my bacon on a number of occasions when this happens so now I just have the routine of reaching for my bottle and spritzing it on my pillow just as i'm retuning to my lovely bed and it just lulls me to sleep quick as you like so there's no staring at the clock worrying myself about falling asleep at my desk etc just beautiful, glorious sleep. If you have issues in the sleep department as silly as it sounds try this out because it really works to help get you to sleep and keep you asleep as it is designed to gradually release the scent as you sleep.

What have you been using this month? I really want to try some more Kiehl's and Tarte so recommend me some products to nosey at!!

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  1. I really need to try the This Works Sleep Spray. Sometimes I just need that extra soothing ingredient to send me off and I keep hearing such good things about it!



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