2016: Resolutions

Saturday 2 January 2016

Well another year has come and gone and to be honest I don't quite know how that happened; time is just flying by which terrifies me if i'm honest. I am getting to the marriage and baby age (who am I kidding i'm slap bang in the middle of it) and I have no desire for either. I like my un-burdened irresponsible life quite frankly and have no plans for that to change.

However there are always changes to be made in anyone's life and I always like to document them to see whether I actually stuck to them. My main goal of 2015 was to get my driving licence which I am happy to say I completed in February and it is life changing - if you've been putting off learning get a recommendation for an instructor and JUST DO IT! If I can learn anyone can!

So what are my 2016 goals?

1. More Mindful Spending
Having exported a months worth of transactions into an excel spreadsheet last week then colour coding them into categories (I'm an accountant I love an excel spreadsheet and was extremely bored) I was faced with how frivolous I can be with my spending. Thankfully even after Christmas my balance was looking good because i'm not so foolish as to purchase everything my magpie-esque eyes catch site of but I realised how good it could look if I didn't keep spending £5 here and there without thinking and quite frankly the trips to KFC and McDonalds with my boyfriend added up to an amount I'm ashamed of. Contactless payments are the devil because they add up very quickly. So 2016 might be the year of the cash for me, setting myself a reasonable amount to spend per week and not use my debit card all the time; Imaginary money on a card is so much easier to part with than cash in my hand.

2. Less Stuff
This definitely is in conjunction with the above; I have so much stuff and being a beauty blogger so much makeup and skin care so instead of being sentimental I now have a cut throat view on it and ideally would like to get my makeup collection down to one modest size drawer instead of six. I started out on New Years Day with a big clear out which my friends and family will benefit from and I need to stop buying new products without finishing one first, so my current lusting for a new eye cream and exfoliating toner will have to wait until i've finished one. It will be a hard habit to break as I often just browse online to pass time when i'm bored over lunch or if I've nothing to do at night which leads to me purchasing things I don't need, can you self block websites on your internet browsers??

3. Gym Gym Gym
Yes I know such a cliche, but one I think everyone should aim for. I love gym classes specifically Pilates and Aqua Running (Spin classes are the devil, seriously who wants to walk around with a numb vagina for a week) I haven't been to any classes since my car accident as I impacted my knee but I think if I start at least with some swimming I can get back to the classes I love without too much pain and just feel better overall. Yes it's difficult to motivate yourself after work to go to a class instead of going home and sitting down all night but I always feel so proud once i've made the effort and I have so much more energy day to day when I cut out my slothish habits.

4. Stop Giving Myself Such A Hard Time
As life gets more hectic my blog often ends up at the bottom of my priority list and no matter how many to-do lists I construct with posts I need to write I often don't have the time to sit and post them. I have a full time job which is so exhausting mentally and a boyfriend to see practically every night after work and because of this I give myself a hard time for failing at dedicating my time to my corner of the internet, something i've loved doing for seven years now. I need to remind myself that it is my hobby and not put the pressure on myself, I'll call it now that if those lazy YouTubers who  practically fart out one lazy half arsed video a week (usually a haul or Q&A) and call it their profession I can relax about not posting on my blog three times a week. Hopefully once I live with my boyfriend all the travelling time and spending time with him can be my dedicated blog time because lets face it i'll be sick of the site of him if I live with him!

There's another resolution which is more of an aim for 2016 which is to settle down with my fella and get a puppy ...  just no marriage and babies. A house and puppy are commitment enough for me.

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