January Pamper and Chillax

Sunday 31 January 2016

As much as I don't like to wish my life away I am glad January is over and done with and I bet i'm not the only one, I think it's the combination of going back to work after Christmas, keeping up with the fitness goals whilst being back at work and the fact January is the longest month ever.

As a reward for surviving the month without a mental breakdown I decided to crack open my Christmas gift from the lovely people at Brighthouse (link).

When I need to relax I like to run a bath and fill it with as much luxury as possible, i'm talking bubbles, bath bombs, bath salts ... the works. I slap on a face mask, drink a ridiculous hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, read a good magazine and just take some me time so my gift was chock-a-block with all the right goodies.

Once i'm out of the bath I like to spend the night away from all computers, phones and televisions. A good bored game with loved ones gets you talking, laughing and relaxing and stops you living in your bubble of technology. Monopoly is a particular favourite for my family and is a lot more appropriate than Cards against humanity. 

What's your pamper routine? Have you ever finished a game of Monolpoly? I don't think my family has but we play until bedtime looms and then argue over who wins.

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