Daniel Sandler Review

Friday 14 August 2009

Hey Ladies,

Sorry it's been a while i've been uber busy so not had much time for writing but i am ploughing on! (such a hard life i know!)

Anyway a few weeks ago i was looking at the wonderful cosmeticcandy's post about the Daniel Sandler Watercolors you can take a peek here


& just had to get my hands on some, she's a cretin for making me want stuff!!

So here's what i got!!

We have
Truth Watercolour
Gentle Watercolour
Perfect Canvas in shade 9


Basically Watercolours are liquid blushes & when i say liquid they're like water! Initially i got the truth blush and the foundation but they were both the wrong shades. As you can see from the bottom swatch the truth watercolour would never be a blush on me, its a highlighter as its a light peach with shimmer and the foundation which again is the wrong shade but that's my own cockyness of my tan so my own fault! The problem i had with the swatches from where i bought from here -


was that they aren't the best, the truth blush looked a lovely peach shade on the site but in reality is a shimmery highlight & much lighter in person,.

So i emailed them about it because it isnt at all accurate & not what i paid for, they informed me that they are planning to relaunch the site & have more accurate swatches but very kindly offered to send me another one & so i got the Gentle shade as i worked by the logic that the actual product is lighter than the swatch so i went for a darker shade & hey presto i was right & its a lovely matt peachy shade and i'm very impressed with the effect as you need literally a tiny bit as its so pigmented & it lasts all day, i prefer a matt blush as shimmer doesnt seem to work on me so this is great. It's priced at £11 for 15ml, which i think is a good price as it will last a very long time with the tiny amount that you need to use for application!

As for the foundation, even though it is too dark for me i found that once it sunk into my skin it kind of adapted, i dont know if it was supposed to do this or my eyes just got used to the darkness but it was a nice foundation, a more fuller coverage & lasted about 8 hours but is in such a tiny bottle i cant see it lasting a long time if you use it everyday!! It costs £9 for 15ml!

So there you go, i think they have a nice range of products so check them out & let me know how you get on. I am off to London on Thursday for the Body Shop event so make sure you're on twitter as i'm sure a few tweets will be sent when we're there & i'll make sure to snap loads of pics & maybe a vid for you & lots of shopping! (although i have been doing loads recently so should control myself, some show & telling must be done, i'm gonna start taking my laptop to work & doing posts on my lunch break to catch up!)

I hope you're all well & having a lovely Monday!

I shall see you soon & make sure you're all entered into my competition you can do it here
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Love Love Love (can you tell i've had a lovely relaxing day of shopping so in a loving mood)


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