REVIEW: CurrentBody LED Eye Perfector + 20% Off!!

Tuesday 22 November 2022


What is it?: An anti-ageing LED eye mask which combines four types of light therapy to rejuvenate your eye area.

Suitable for: All Skin Types

Price: £199 - Link - Use code: OBSESSED for 20% off any of the CurrentBody LED devices.

I am a huge advocate for LED therapy in your skin care routine, the results are clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging & increase collagen production in the skin & as the technology is improving it’s becoming more targeted & more accessible. The LED Eye Perfector from CurrentBody Skin houses all of their advancements in red light therapy but specifically targeted to the eye area to tackle crows feet, frown lines, eye bags & dark circles.

The device uses 80 professional strength LED’s to emit 4 wavelengths into the eye area; amber, red, deep red & near-infrared. The results are noticeable after 8 weeks if used 6 nights a week, it works to stimulates the production of collagen by triggering skins cells to regenerate and repair & combined with the Green Tea Eye Cream included will have your eye area looking smoother & hydrated from the get go.

What I love about this mask is how seamless it fits into your skin care routine, the treatment time is only three minutes, so it slots in perfectly between my serum & moisturiser steps without feeling like your routine takes forever to finish. There’s a cool gel layer between the LED’s & your skin which really soothes & depuffs the eye area, it’s a god send if you have puffy eyes or during allergy season.

I personally use it in the morning & save the full LED face mask for the evening, it’s the perfect prep for makeup as it de-puffs & helps your eye cream absorb whilst giving me three minutes to chill out, even with my eyes closed the bright light really wakes me up & I look forward to using it each day.

As with the full face mask I have noticed big improvements in my eye area, the skin under my eyes was becoming my problem area, my concealer was gathering in little creases that hadn’t been an issue for me previously, a few weeks with this every night of the week & it has completely stopped, the skin is firmer & less crape-y. I’m thrilled with the results & I’m glad I could incorporate it into my routine alongside the full mask by moving it to my morning routine. As it’s more targeted I find both are necessary for me but if you are showing signs of aging around the eyes & a 10 minute treatment seems a bit too much this is a great option to add to your routine.

With Black Friday on the horizon there are discount codes galore, if you want 20% off which will take it down to less than £160 use code: OBSESSED (this will work on all the CurrentBody LED Skin devices if any others tickle your fancy).

Also picured: 

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Daily Restoring & Green Tea serums which I love, their skin care is great quality & the Power Of Four set is £49 for 4 serums Link which is a bargain.


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