Sunday, 16 September 2018

REVIEW: Garden if Wisdom Vitamin C 23% Serum + Ferulic Acid by @victoriahealth

After the swift departure of Deciem from Victoria Health (I seriously need the tea) we were introduced to Garden of Wisdom in VH's iconic monthly newsletter, GOW is notorious for their clean, straightforward skin care & Shabir helped to curate & formulate a line of products in partnership between the two companies exclusively for Victoria Health. My first product choice had to be the Vitamin C 23% + Ferulic Acid serum as I assumed it was a much more affordable version of the Skincuticles C E Ferulic which is £135 a bottle compared to £10 for the GOW.

Claims: High strength pure L-ascorbic acid to brighten & even out skin tone whilst Ferulic acid helps protect skin against free radical damage.

Price: £10.00 for 30ml

Suitable for: Normal, Oily & Dry skin, active acne and extremely sensitive skins should avoid.

Thoughts: I have been using this serum for around six weeks & so far the results have knocked my socks off, I have areas or should I say had areas of pigmentation on top of my cheekbones & also down the centre of my forehead and so far this serum has obliterated the pigmentation on my cheekbone area and significantly faded the forehead area. I am impressed, I think the formula has everything to do with it (duh) because it was so effortless to fit into my routine, I have struggled with consistant Vitamin C useage because I didn't like the formula of the products I tried, they were either gritty, housed in an oil or just useless. This serum is smooth, lightweight & absorbs instantly, I use it in the evening & it sits really well on top of my hydrating essence/serums & under my oils. It's not without it's faults, i'm not a fan of the packaging, the pump shoots product out like a gun (I think they've repacked since I purchased) & I’m left with orange stained palms if I don't wash my hands at the end of my routine but for a £10 serum those are none issues as the product is effective and costs so little. I highly recommend if you have areas of pigmentation you want to fade or needing an antioxidant. #blogpost #skincare #vitaminc #bblogger


Saturday, 8 September 2018

REVIEW: @simpleskincare Rich Moisture Sheet Mask

Claims: Infused with active nutrients to condition dry city skin. Price: £2.99 (always on offer)

Suitable For: Dehydrated, Dry, Normal, Oily Skins.

Thoughts: I used to bash Simple products, but I have to say some of their new releases I have enjoyed using and this is one of them. If you're looking for a mask with not too many bells and whistles which leaves your skin calm, plumped and hydrated this is a great one to go for as the quality of the essence is great. One of the main ingredients is Agave Extract, an anti-inflammatory with healing properties, it’s hydrating and full of vitamins, the essence also contains caffeine, an antioxidant which helps to plump the skin and of course contains hyaluronic acid which hydrates. The only criticism I could have is that the actual sheet is a slightly awkward fit as the eye holes are a bit big but once you've shuffled it around it stays put and covers most of my face. I like to have sheet masks on standby like this when I just want something gentle and hydrating and at this price point I always pick them up when I’m out because they're usually on offer for £1.50 somewhere and I don't have to think twice about using it. For the price and availability this is a no brainer to pick up when you’re next in Boots or Superdrug to try out and be part of that sheet mask life. #blogpost #bblogger #bbloggers #beautyaddict #beautyblog #beautyblogger #beautybloggerlife #beautybloggers #beautyguru #beautyjunkie #sheetmask #koreanbeauty#under10k #influencer


Thursday, 30 August 2018


How is it nearly September? My life seems to be in fast forward and it needs to just stop already.

@narsissist Velvet Matte Tint - I have spoken about this a few times and have a full review on instagram if you go back, I've been using for the past couple of months as my base and I remembered why I loved it so much. It's lightweight, easy to apply and lasts 12 hours on my oily skin, coverage wise it's a light medium and dries down to a beautiful velvet matte that doesn't make you look like you have anything on. We reconnected, and I think it's for life now ... until the @itcosmeticspr CC Matte comes out.

@revitalashuk Mascara - This is a two-step mascara and I think the magic comes from the bright blue primer, the first time I used it I actually said out loud 'wow' it lengthens my lashes like nothing I've ever used and curls them magically and the mascara step is super black and thickening with no smudging or flaking. I am not usually an expensive mascara user but with the conditioners that are in the formula and the results it gives me that stance might have to bend to this offering plus a potion of the sales goes to Breast Cancer research all year round which is a good excuse to purchase.

@blueskynailgelpolish Gel Polish QXG080- Whenever I use this shade I get so many questions because it's a perfect rosey nudey blush shade and I love it. The formulation is good, applies easily and it performs as it should for a gel polish.

@candy.coat No. 203 - Another gel polish I know but again this shade is amazing, it's a muted sage green and is opaque in one coat which I was very impressed with. Their shade offering is brilliant and I’m about to purchase my 4th colour.

@pixibeautyuk Jasmine Oil Blend - I love this oil, it's so calming and hydrating so if I've overdone the microneedling I use this in my routine and it fixes everything. It is formulated jasmine flower extract and grapeseed oil which are full of omegas and antioxidants to help protect the skin and it just leaves me with calm happy glowing skin. What have you been loving this month? #bblogger #blogpost #beauty #skincare #makeup