Monday, 29 August 2016

FAVOURITES: August 2016

Elegant Touch Rosie Bea Hibiscus Nails £5.49 (Link)
I have to admit i've never heard of Rosie Bea before these nails showed up on my welcome matt so I can't claim any particular blogger bias, Elegant Touch have always been my favoured press on nail brand and these almond coral beauties have been the perfect speed manicure for my summer occasions. I like them particularly because they're not too big or long like most almond shaped press on nails, the petite-ness means they don't look overly fake and the Elegant Touch glue means you never have one ping off as it's the best I've come across.

Beuti Beauty Sleep Elixir £42 (Link)
This oil is perfect for all skin types, if you have dry skin it will hydrate your complexion leaving you with glowing skin day and night, if your skin is more blemish prone the anti-inflammatory ingredients help heal and calm the skin. It is packed with 14 different plant oils,100% natural and made in the UK and will do your skin world's of good.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Watermelon Soda £16 (Link)
There has been some controversy surrounding Jeffree Star and his cosmetics brand so I wasn't really interested in trying the products but apparently all it takes is for a product to smell like watermelon for me to snap it up, I have to say I had a very smooth transaction and my order arrived within a week from the States which I was pleasantly surprised by. The lipstick itself is a gorgeous neon watermelon pink, the smell is really good as expected and in terms of formula it is slightly streaky which you can even out easily, it's not the most drying liquid lipstick i've ever used but not the most hydrating either and the lasting power is really good. I'd like to try a more subdued colour for everyday use but for a night out this colour rocks and lasts all night. UPDATE - BeautyBay are now stocking a selection of his products so easier to get hold of.

Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palette in Fair/ Light £28 (Link)
I have been obsessed with this palette since receiving it, containing five shadows and two blushes the Perfect Me, Perfect Hue palettes come in four shades each designed to work with your own skin tone for a natural look but with an extra hue to create a more dramatic look. I love this palette, having everything in one place with a big mirror beats all my other palettes hands down so I've been using this none stop. The decision to make the base colour shadow in a larger pan is genius as it's the one I always run out of first, the shadows are so soft and blend-able and the blushes really lift the complexion.

Essie Nail Polishes in Angora Cardi (Link) and Cocktail Bling (Link) £7.99 each
I wouldn't say Angora Cardi is the most summery shade however it's one that I searched high and low for having seen a picture on pinterest of these beautiful dusty rose nails which is so sophisticated and flattering dare I say the perfect autumn shade. Cocktail Bling is a gorgeous grey toned light blue perfect for any season and the blue equivalent of my all time favourite Essie shade Maximillian Strasse Her.

Tigi S-Factor True Lasting Colour Oil £14.65 (Link)
I recently chopped off most of my hair and lightened the colour,  I've managed to find the perfect method for no heat curls so finding this hair oil has been instrumental in this as it conditions, detangles and smooths my hair without adding any weight so my curls stay in tact all day and my hair gets all the TLC it needs.

Those have been my monthly favourites, another whirl wind month with no time for blogging and I swear this year will be over before we know it which is scary, although I'm looking forward to September and the start of jumper and tight season (is it bad that i've already bought two coats and jumpers already?).

Thursday, 28 July 2016

My Current Face: Nars + Cover ¦ FX

Top - Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonstone
Bottom - NARS Lip Cover in Get Dirty

Well blogging has definitely taken a back seat to life at the minute, I don't know how some bloggers out there have a full time job, a full time life and find the time and motivation to blog. I seem to have failed at the latter of late and whilst I still have my urge to blog and the passion is still within me I just can't seem to find the time to sit down and write so have countless pictures waiting for words in my drafts.

I thought i'd get back into the swing of things by talking you through some of the products I recently bought on a mad 'who cares about savings' spend-a-thon at Space NK that have found their way into my everyday makeup bag.

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint £30.00 (Link)
I had heard very positive reviews about this product when it was released but didn't pay it much attention as it was a 'tinted moisturiser' and i'm usually a medium to full cover girl, however my skin seems to have taken a turn for the positive and is in the best condition it has ever been so I thought i'd pick this up for my 'Weekend Face'. I don't think NARS market this as a tinted moisturiser per say but the connotations of the word Skin Tint make me think of a sheer layer of pigment that doesn't add much coverage just an improvement on bare skin, I would describe this as a medium coverage foundation but I have to say it's a nice feeling to smugly say 'oh i'm just wearing a skin tint' when someone asks you what foundation you have on. Shallow but true! NARS describe the finish as soft matte and I agree that it doesn't take all the life out your skin by leaving it overly matte but just enough to control the shine and with a setting powder lasts on my oily skin 10+ hours. This is now my everyday foundation, it feels like velvet blending into your skin, is lightweight, adds good coverage and lasts all day!

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonstone £34.00 (Link)
Unlike the NARS Skin Tint these I basically ran out the house for when I saw a YouTube video of someone applying them because they looked amazing ... and they ARE! These Enhancer Drops can be added to your makeup base to add a real glow to your complexion as well as directly on your skin as a highlighter/bronzer. I've never come across a liquid product that can be blended so well on top of a powder so you can go for maximum impact and not have to worry about powdering on top and losing some of the effect ... unless you use a highlighter on top of course and want to cause an accident when the sun is beaming off your face into peoples eyes. They are THAT good.

NARS Under Cover Lip Cover in Get Dirty £21.00 (Link) 
It seems I'm having a NARS moment having not really purchased much from the brand in the last few years, this Lip Cover in Get Dirty is described as a desert rose and I love it for my everyday lipstick as it's not too in your face. The Lip Covers are liquid lipsticks that don't dry matte and so don't suffocate your lips meaning you can wear them everyday, unlike most matte liquid lipsticks where i'm applying balm for days after praying my lips don't peel, sometimes i'm happy to reapply during the day if it means my lips stay comfortable and hydrated. These are available in four colours and it's taken every ounce of strength I have not to order the shade 'Do Not Disturb' an orangy red shock horror.

I've got a few skin care posts to catch up on so you'll be able to find out some of the products I have attributed to the improved complexion! So keep your eyes peeled ... that's some pressure on myself! Meanwhile let me know the products you've been reaching for as i'm always on the look out!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

REVIEW: Skinbreeze Under Eye Brightener Serum

Having hereditary dark circles is an ongoing battle between trying useless products and pilling the concealer on in order to compensate for the useless products ... it's also an endless circle of hope an disappointment when a product promises the world and doesn't deliver.

When a product manages to make a difference it needs to be reported and let's just say I found a good one, Skinbreeze Under Eye Brightener has made a real improvement to my under eye area and not just in terms of my dark circles; the fact it's packed with hyaluronic acid means the texture of the skin is hydrated and my lines much more plump than they were pre-skin brightener. Everything is brighter, plumper and generally smoother, I usually don't like a gel as an eye cream but as this is more a serum it absorbs instantly and isn't at all sticky so perfect under makeup and definitely all you need for your eye area morning and night.

For more information on Skinbreeze and their range click here, I am definitely going to be trying more from the range.