Handbag of The Week!

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Hey Ladies,

Its been a couple of weeks since the last handbag of the week, i’ve been so busy & distracted with other posts so i thought i’d treat you with the Mac daddy!! :)

My Hermes Birkin 40” Bag

I love this bag, the amount of crap i can fit in it is staggering, I use it mainly as an overnight bag as its a bit too large for everyday use. But good for boshing through crowds with it when i’m shopping! & lets face it i look too cool for school carrying it! It always reminds me of Samantha from Sex & the city (she is in PR & used Lucy Liu’s name who she was representing to cut the 2 year waiting list, long story short Lucy Liu ended up with the bag not Samantha, very funny if you haven’t seen it!)

So there you go, should have another one lined up for you next week & i have ordered a new bag so will blog about that when it arrives & the other things i got with it!

Cya Soon



  1. gorgeous!! ermm hope you ordered me one while you were at it ;) xoxo

  2. I was totally reminded of the SATC story!!! YAAAAAAAY!!! x

  3. Omg so jealous! It's so pretty!


  4. Nic Im starting to get very very very jealous of your bag collection after seeing this pic lol xx

  5. Oooh thats gorgeous. I love the colour. xXx

  6. OH MY HOLY COW! I love that bag!!!!


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