Bandwagon? Me? ... Never!!! ... well maybe! Lush & Bodyshop Goodies

Friday 8 January 2010

Hey ladies,

So i jumped on the Lush bandwagon everyone seems to be on at the moment, now i am a complete lush amateur who has only bought a couple of their soaps before so i went online (online being the key in this story, i detest the smell of Lush shops, they make me sick so i can only grab a few things before the smell gets too much. So never been able to last long enough to try out stuff) Any way here's what i got!

I've seen in blogs lush package their stuff in popcorn! Where's mine? I was peckish! haha

Bubble Bars/Bath Melts
Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar
- Patchouli and frankincense scented, i'd have to smell it in a bath before i make up my mind about this one as i think it may be a little overpowering!
You've been Mangoed - With nutritious mango and avocado butters to make your skin feel as if it's just had a really healthy breakfast and is all set up for the day, Sounds good to me! & smells divine!!

Massage Bars
Each Peach Massage Bar - Essential oils of Persian lime, red grapefruit, sweet orange and mandarin help to encourage a sunny disposition, Slightly annoyed there's no actual peach in this but it smells lovely so mustn't grumble! Heavanilli - Natural shea and cocoa butters smell of jasmine, vanilla and tonka, My favorite perfume is Jasmine & vanilla so i adore this smell!!

Big Shampoo - Sea salt shampoo for shine, softness and volume & smells like a margarita with lemon, lime and salt, with a handful of vanilla and iris thrown in. I'd seen this on a few blogs & thought i'd try it out, it is quite expensive for shampoo but you only need to use it a couple of times a week at the most! I can't wait to try it!

Vanilla In The Mist - Roasted cocoa beans and sweet vanilla, I'd say its more cocoa beans in smell than vanilla but is a lovely smell.
Porridge* - Oats are soothing for the skin, while orange juice is refreshing, I've used this soap before & I'm a big fan!!
Angels Delight* - Toning tangerine and orange essential oils to give it a heavenly, fruity scent. Smells nice but I'm not keen on the glitter that is within the soap.
Snowcake* - marzipan and amaretto with a little almond in it. I hate marzipan so not the biggest fan of this scent!

Honey Bee* - In addition to soothing honey, it has Moroccan Rhassoul mud to deep cleanse and soften your skin. Smells Lovely
Big Blue* - Lemon, lavender and seaweed for clear thoughts. A lovely fresh smell.
Think Pink* - Lavender, tonka bean and vanilla for endless fun and welcome refreshment. Not so keen on this as its a bit overpowering, but there's midget gems in it so its cool!
Avo Bath* - For liveliness and softer skin, with lemongrass to stimulate sleepy brains, freshly mashed avocado and olive oil to moisturize your skin. This smells so fresh, has to be a morning bath, which i never have! haha
Butterball - Ylang ylang & vanilla for buttery soft skin, anything vanillary i fall for as its my favorite smell!

* indicates a free product, if you spend £30 online you get £10 of free stuff (i think i got more than £10) & if you buy 2 massage bars you get a free massage bar tin.

The Body Shop

Before Christmas The Body Shop sent some bloggers who i assumed went to the bloggers event a gift voucher worth £20, a lovely early Christmas present. Sadly I haven't been into my local town where my Body Shop is since i received it, so i went yesterday & got a few things.

I got two peach body butters, which smell amazing! just like the peach juice my mum makes in Spain, they are on sale for £5 each!!!
I also got some Jojoba extra rich night cream, my skin is so dry in places at the moment so I'm drenching it at night with moisturizers so hopefully it will help. Reduced to £3 in the sale!
So thanks to The Body Shop, i've got some more to spend so will pick more up when i'm there next.

As for me for those of you don't follow me on twitter i did get sacked yesterday, & i'm really ok, gutted to leave behind the friends i've made but i got a bit of money for leaving so can't be too sad. I'm gonna have a bit of relaxation time because i've not had anytime off in about seven months so deserve a week or two of lying in baths & bed & reading a book or two! (my lush order will help that no end) & i can do some more posts & videos so my channel & blog will benefit hopefully.

Hope you are all well & thanks so much for the support on here & twitter from everyone & the advice given it gave me a confidence to go into the meeting without any support & stand up for myself & NOT CRY! I'm so proud of myself for that. I love this community for this kind of stuff!!

Love to you all & apologies for the epic post!! :)


  1. Your butterball looks bigger than the one I got my hands on, are they available in a bigger size?

    Love the haul!! Will do mine tonight woo!

  2. Great haul hunny! i bet your glad you got your lush goodies delivered and didnt have to brave the smell of the shop haha!
    You got some amazing freebies! Also love the body shop body butters - you got some bargains!
    <3 xox

  3. I've just made an order and am excited to see what free products I get. I think they've changed from popcorn packaging to some other earth friendly packaging (what you got)

  4. their packaging depends on how moist etc the products inside are :)
    That new packaging is actually made out of potato and it dissolves in water! xx

  5. Ooh what a lovely haul, I have only got into lush over the last couple of weeks and my first ever haul was last weekend, I really like using more natural products though and what I have bought is really working well for me so hope your stuff does for you too xx

  6. Fab haul hun!! I'm just getting into Lush at the mo too. Love the Big Shampoo, just ordered that :) xxx

  7. I love these latest Lush offers. I got quite a few chunks of snowflake soap in my goody bags too and I hate the smell of marizan also; so I am going to pass these off to family. Haha. I'd like to try those massage bars though!
    As for the body shop I really want the peach body butter but I have 3 untouched other body butters!! xx

  8. Sorry about your job chick, I don't know the story behind it but from what I can gather you were an asset for them, you never had any blimmin time off! Enjoy your new goodies xx


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