So I Discovered Something Tonight ...

Sunday 10 January 2010

Hey ladies,

Being the dedicated beauty blogger & wanting to give you my opinions on the recent Lush stuff I got, I took my first free night since its arrival & called it bath night!
So I ran my bath, had my face mask at the ready (review coming at a later date) crumbled a bit of my bubble bar and added my bath bomb.

Waded in (as a woman my bath had to be scalding to the point where i looked like sponge bob square pants sidekick, so you have to gradually get in!!)

So I 'relaxed' with a Rick Gervais audiobook (a guilty pleasure) & i led there in my 'lush bath' as everyone keeps going on about & i discovered ....

I really don't like baths.

I was bored after about 5 minutes & just had to do my thing, scrub, hair remove & get out!

Baths are no fun on your own & I can't lie there for 20-30 minutes & twiddle my thumbs! or watch a bath bomb fizz to nothing, whilst umming & aaahing! So i've come to the conclusion that no matter how many fancy things that fizz and pop baths are boring, so give me a shower any day.

The next question is what do i do with all my Lush stuff?

Let me know if you enjoy a bath or find them dull as old dish water even with a bit of Lush!

Thanks for reading & i'll see you soon!


  1. I am not much of a bath person, but I have been trying to learn to do that thing others call 'relax'. So baths have been on the menu, I started with a 10 min timer on my iphone and then 15 mins etc until I had built it up to 30 mins. I can still get bored but I try to play some music, have a candle lit and maybe read a book or play a game like sallys spa.

    Amy x

  2. I much prefer a shower over a bath, I don't feel like I can wash my hair properly in a bath so end up having both!
    I have also bought lots of Lush things lately (I never though about combining a bubble bar and a bath bomb!)but I end up reading a book in the bath! xx

  3. I looooove taking a bath. It's not often I get the chance to, so when I do I make the most of it with candles and wine or a good book. I could happily sleep in a bath lol x

  4. Hahaha, well at least you gave it a shot! I love baths, jut it here and think!

    Mwah! x

  5. I love having baths in the afternoon or night.. it's normally my only 'quiet' time where I lie and think about stuff.. be it my day, what I have to do the next day or whatever.. :)

  6. Haha I'm not really a bath fan either, but I do find that putting my laptop up on the bench and watching a movie can work...hahaha

  7. Hi, Im a new follower! Love your blog! I love baths..although I think im the only blogger that hasnt tried lush yet!
    please take a look at my blog

  8. Haha, Patrick is my favorite character on spongebob. That show is hilarious :)

    I'm kind of the same, I do like baths but I definitely have to be in the right mood, otherwise I prefer showers as well.

  9. I don't usually bother as I am allergic to all bath products and a bath full of just plain water zzzz boring or what!

  10. I dont have baths very often because i dont feel i can wash my hair properly in there but i love them on the occasion i do i have one!

  11. I love baths!! I use it as my time to myself, no child in there, no husband chewing my ear off and just time to unwind. I like to have the room dark with just candles and occasionally a glass of wine x


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