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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Handbag of The Week! Balenciaga Giant City Bag!

Hey Ladies,

It's been ages since i did one of these posts and mainly this is because i've rarely switched bags since I got this bag in November, occasionally I have but this has been my main one. I think the rest of my bag collection is feeling neglected. Anyway I was having a conversation on twitter with Bickyyy she was asking me about the bag so I said i'd do this post showing the bag as she wants one.

So the bag is a Balenciaga Giant City Bag in black with golden hardware!

I use it as an everyday bag but its certainly big enough for an overnight bag, this is the amount of rubbish i can fit into it!

This gives you a indication of the size of the bag!

I love Balenciaga bags they're one of my favorite designers and i think this is my favorite of my 3 Balenciaga bags, its really practical for everyday use & big enough for times when you need to carry around loads of stuff which is everyday for me.

When choosing a designer bag i think its really important to choose wisely. In the past i've chosen very fashionable bags & these ones are ones that I don't use anymore, a classic bag in classic style in a colour such as black or brown that goes with everything makes the piece an investment and well worth the money you pay, it will last you a very long time and you can save on other areas of your wardrobe!!

Hope you enjoyed having a nosey & having a lovely weekend, hope you have a lovely Sunday


p.s. Those are clean knickers by the way!!!

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