Handbag of The Week! Balenciaga Giant City Bag!

Sunday 7 March 2010

Hey Ladies,

It's been ages since i did one of these posts and mainly this is because i've rarely switched bags since I got this bag in November, occasionally I have but this has been my main one. I think the rest of my bag collection is feeling neglected. Anyway I was having a conversation on twitter with Bickyyy she was asking me about the bag so I said i'd do this post showing the bag as she wants one.

So the bag is a Balenciaga Giant City Bag in black with golden hardware!

I use it as an everyday bag but its certainly big enough for an overnight bag, this is the amount of rubbish i can fit into it!

This gives you a indication of the size of the bag!

I love Balenciaga bags they're one of my favorite designers and i think this is my favorite of my 3 Balenciaga bags, its really practical for everyday use & big enough for times when you need to carry around loads of stuff which is everyday for me.

When choosing a designer bag i think its really important to choose wisely. In the past i've chosen very fashionable bags & these ones are ones that I don't use anymore, a classic bag in classic style in a colour such as black or brown that goes with everything makes the piece an investment and well worth the money you pay, it will last you a very long time and you can save on other areas of your wardrobe!!

Hope you enjoyed having a nosey & having a lovely weekend, hope you have a lovely Sunday


p.s. Those are clean knickers by the way!!!


  1. Wow I love it! I have been thinking about getting a Mulberry but Balenciaga might pip it to the post! x

  2. That is a gorgeous bag. I have a Mulberry that is my pride and joy, but it has fed a bit of a hunger for lovely handbags... Balenciaga is next on the list.

  3. I shouldn't of read this, I want one so so bad :( x

  4. That is a gorgeous bag, I used to have a bal first but it was just too small and I couldn't justify the cost of a larger one :( I do really want one though! xx

  5. One day I will own one of these :) It is such a gorgeous bag, and wow it can hold a ton! It looks great on your arm.

    Thanks for sharing, I love having a nosey at peoples handbags!

  6. Thank you! But wow it's like a Tardis inside. Right, official spending ban starts here.

    I'm going to get the one with silver, not a big fan of gold but still def going for that black. :D


  7. There are no words to describe the beauty of this bag...! *swoooon*
    You and the bag look gorgeous :)
    Jealous? Just a tad!

  8. Gorgeous bag! I almost bought it un bubblegum pink once, but I agree with you, I'd definitely get more use out of a black or grey one rather than pink.

    Maybe I'll just buy the pink one after the 'practical' one though :p

  9. Your bag isn't the City, it's the Part Time. You can tell because it's larger than the city and the city doesn't have the studs on the bottom like yours does.

  10. I wasn't trying to be rude or call you a liar or anything but i just thought you should know your bag isnt the giant hardware "city" it's the giant hardware "part time".

    There is a differene between the two styles and yours is the part time because of the studs on the bottom, longer strap, slightly different shape than the city.

    I thought mabye you got confused or something.

  11. @jesse actually you're right i got it mixed up with my city bag! i always get the names mixed up apart from my motocycle bag mainly because i dont really like it!!



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