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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Things I'm Loving & Hating

Hey Ladies,

Thought I'd update you on what i'm loving & hating at the moment !!

1. I GOT A JOB!!! yay! high 5! I got a phone call from my recruitment agency on Thursday at about half past 4, had an interview on Friday at 11am & had the job by 2pm that same afternoon, not only do i start on Tuesday (aaahh) When i went to the interview I was told it was part time & the lady who interviewed me loved me so much she made me full time! double high 5!!

2. Shopping!
Due to a new job i needed some office clothes so i went online & went slightly mental! eeek this is seriously what i've bought online in the past 7 days, the dresses are for my cousins 21st & other cousins wedding & just a nice summer maxi dress (went shopping today & bought loads as well) will do a haul with everything when they've arrived! (may be a 30 minute video!!)

3. Peach!! I am loving all the peach that is so in right now! As i've always said i'm a peach girl so i'm rocking the peach truely which includes my mac ripe peach blush & brand new Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in Faubourg Peach which I got today (seriously need to buy backups because i'm not sure if its permanent!)

4. My Skin! It is truely behaving with my new skin care routine and so I am using a foundation with barely any coverage i'm loving it! I don't like the loads of makeup look so when i can look as natural as possible it makes me very happy!

5. My Nails!
My Mavala treatment has worked wonders & so i have them painted every day & repaint them every 3 days or so & of course i'm rocking the Lorraine nails, except my mad hatter hasn't arrived yet so i'm having to make do with a silver nail instead of glitter!

My Laptop! seriously it turns its self off at every avaliable opportunity & when i try to shut down i get the dreaded blue screen & my memory gets dumped! but now i've got another job the first thing i'm buying is a lappytop! i'm thinking of this sony one, if you've got any opinions on sony laptops let me know. I want a Macbook pro but i'm being sensible!!

That's about it really! I'm a lover not a hater!!

Let me know what you're loving at the moment & laptop suggestions if you've got any i'd love to hear about them. I did check out the sony one in store & it looks cool which is a total jusification for me getting it in girl world whilst my man goes on about the amazing ram of the other ugly laptop!! :)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend so far!!

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