ELF Studio Eyebrow Lift & Filler Review

Monday 26 April 2010

Hey Ladies,

My biggest insecurity is my eyebrows probably, for years I basically had half brows as they we're so thin & sparse, not through over plucking just because they're so blonde & fine like the rest of my hair. Thanks to an eyebrow growth serum (which I still haven't reviewed) I have full brows & couldn't be happier. However they are still blonde, so blonde that when they are in the natural state you cant see them on my face!

So as you can imagine I buy quite a few eyebrow products, here is the latest one I've been using

E.L.F. Eyebrow Lift & Filler

What ELF say;
'Create polished and defined brows for a flawless fuller look! The “lift” pencil’s sheer light-reflecting pigments act as an arch support under the brows to enhance. While the “fill” pencil shades in the eyebrow to blend in the natural shape, fill in any sparse areas and define the lines.'

First of all the highlight side comes in one shade throughout the colour choices and is light, I can just about get away with it, but any darker than me it would look odd. But I do use it to sharpen my brows & use it on the waterline and inner corner to brighten the eyes which it is really useful for.

The filler side's texture is not a traditional brow pencil, It's so creamy which i dreaded to use at first because I assumed it would just slide off my face during the day. I was pleasantly surprised when I returned home from work & I had eyebrows still on my face.
The fact that is creamy means applying it is a dream but you need to be light handed especially if you're hair is naturally light as it will look really fake but that's true for any brow product.

Overall I really rate this product unlike some of the Studio range I've used in the past, It really does everything you need & for £3.50 you really can't grumble. The texture wont be for everyone as its kind of a hybrid wax/pencil but I can honestly say I will be purchasing it again when it runs out!

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Thanks for reading lovelies!!

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  1. I'm so tempted to try this out- my brows are so light and I definately used to overpluck them!


  2. i love this product! have you tried their brow set? (wax and powder compact), its an improved version of the pencil i think and applied with elfs eyebrow brush its so good! x

  3. The eyebrow growth serum you mention sounds amazing, my brows are really thin and sparse so cant wait for your review on it.

    I picked up the l'oreal hair serum you recommended.. will let you know how i get on xx

  4. Does this come in different shades? It looks great and I'd definitely want to try it for that price, but I'm wondering if the brow filler side might be too light for me. Ellie x

  5. Sounds good :) I do a similar process with my brows at the moment, but with several different products. So when I run out I should try to get a 2in1 like this.

    Im guessing the pencil being creamy/waxy helps to keep brow hairs in place? :)

  6. I went to a plastic surgeon because I had one eye that was slightly droopy and thought a bleph for that eye would raise it enough to look better. The surgeon said that what I probably needed was a brow lift along with the bleph.
    smita sharma


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