NOTD - OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

Monday 5 April 2010

Hey Ladies,

Another nail of the day for you, I seriously must love painting my nails because I do it about 4 times a week at the moment. I'm working through my recent purchases for you, I will do the haul this week. Whilst bored at work the other day I made a list of posts I need to do, it was so long but if you've got any requests for NOTD, FOTD, or reviews using any of the products you've seen on here just ask!

So here it is OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

As per usual I'm going to say I love this colour, it's just the most beautiful pastel lavender & really flattering & of course I have the Lorraine glitter nail using OPI Mad As A Hatter!

Hope you're all having a brilliant bank holiday Monday! I don't believe in baby Jesus rising from the ashes but I appreciate the effort from him for my 4 day weekend & eating lots of chocolate to celebrate!

Thanks for reading & let me know of any requests either on here or my YouTube

Disclaimer - I know Jesus wasn't a baby when he 'resurrected', granted I didn't pay much attention in RE (Religious Education) at school but I did learn at least that much!


  1. your disclaimer made me laugh haha

    That colour is lovely too :D

  2. Gorgeous colour :) Love the Lorraine nail ;) xxx

  3. I just bought this and I LOVE it!
    Can't help but stare at my nails when i'm wearing it!


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