Oh Thank You I Needed To Laugh!

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Hey Ladies,

Well I've had possibly the most horrible few days of my life, not been having too much fun in my home life then on Saturday morning my mum told me over skype that one of my dogs (not my baby Snag) was very ill & she didn't know if he'll be ok, cue me crying for a good few hours. Then later on I get a message from my younger brother saying my mum's been advised to have him put down cue me crying uncontrollably pretty much all night & Sunday as well, plus I was already ill on the hottest weekend ever so spent it in bed. Not a happy Nicola I think you'll agree, then I get to work on Monday, finally some fun (which shows you the state of my affairs at the moment) & what do I do? Fall down some concrete stairs, bang my head, twist my knee & crack a rib! Perfect!

I think you'll agree I needed some cheering up & the thing to do it?

Thats right a loofah with Martin Luther King Jr on it (you only get one) with 'I have a clean' on the palm, what can I say it made me chuckle. I mean what the hell were the creaters smoking when they thought this was a fun idea. Whatever it was I need some! (drugs are bad don't take drugs kids) Is the thing I'm truly missing in my life being able to clean my bum with a glove with Martin Luther King on it, errr perhaps not unless its aimed at the crayzee BNP's or American White Supremicy people I can't see this being a top seller! Who knows, all I know is i'm happy enough with my plain old scrub gloves.

If you do want to 'grab your piece of bathware history' as they describe it you can get it here for £6.99. No judgement if you do pick up one!

Thanks for reading & hope you all are having a better week than I am! i'm currently in pain both physically & in my heart! Lets all hope my doggy makes it through, he's made some improvements but I get palpatations every time i get a message or a call thinking it's bad news! I hate that I can't say goodbye & tell him how much of a great dog he's been, i've had him about 15 years.

My crying has commensed! I will get back to making some YT vids this week at some point, I just need to not come home from work looking like death! .... maybe it'll be over the weekend then! :)


  1. Awwww I feel for you Nicola. I hope your doggie is ok! I had to have my cat put down in March, it was unexpected, sudden and utterly heartbreaking. Pets are not 'just pets', they become part of our families. I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for him :) xxx

  2. So sorry about your dog, I hope he gets ok, and I hope you get better very quick. Lucie xxx

  3. Sending virtual hugs, hope you feel better soon. Anna xx

  4. Aw I hope your dog ends up okay :( feel better soon! x

  5. Hope everything works out ok for you and things start getting better for you. Big hugs pretty lady...don't like seeing you sad! :(

  6. aw i hope he gets better, my cat is gettig old and i'm always worried he'll get ill when i'm away at uni
    sending love

  7. Fingers crossed he'll get better Nic xx

  8. Hi, bit off topic but twitter won't let me DM you because your protect your tweets. Anyway, what is that website you use to virtually mix and match clothes and try different styles out? Thanks :) xx

    twitter: em_lysk


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