June Favourites

Sunday 27 June 2010

Hey Ladies,

I know we're not quite in July yet but i thought i'd get ahead of the game & post my favourites from this month, I would film a video but i'm being extremely lazy & have an over due haul to film first, so thought i'd write it instead!

L'oreal Studio Secrets Primer
I bought this when Boots were having one of their £2 off L'oreal promotions and I have to say i'm glad I got it, normally I stay away from brands like L'oreal as I think their prices are far too high for 'drug store' makeup but this product is worth the £11. It makes my foundation glide on my skin, fills in pores and really makes the foundation last, I am definitely repurchasing. If you're not a fan of silicone primers i'd avoid this but I have to say I prefer it to my Makeup Forever HD and Smashbox Photo Finish primers.

Nars Pleasures of Paris Palette
This is just a lovely palette and I cannot recommend it enough, all the eyeshadows are beautiful & you can create so many looks with it, the one i've been wearing constantly since i got it is using Fez and Nepal which are on the left of the palette, Nepal is a beautiful champagne pink with a gold shimmer and Fez a bronzed brown which is similar to Galapagos without the glitter, as strange as it may sound I will be buying the full sized version of these two even though I have them in the palette.

Essie Turquoise & Caicos
Such a gorgeous green turquoise, lovely to apply and long lasting. Whenever i've worn this I always get asked what colour it is as it is very unique, you can wear one coat for a lovely sheer colour or layer it up bringing the brightness of the shade, lovely for summer!

Nars Turks & Caicos Tube Tint
This is just gorgeous, enough said. However I will elaborate as you know I never shut up, they look so scary in the tube but once you apply them with either your fingers or straight on to the skin its really sheer and buildable, this colour in particular is beautiful peach once on your skin it definitely reminds me of Mac Ripe Peach in many ways.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
This serum i've heard a few reviews on some good & some bad, the bad i've seen basically says the user could see any difference in their skin when using it. Well I certainly can whenever I use this, not only do you see the short term benefits, in my case I don't have my monthly spell of dryness around my chin & nose but the long term benefits is that it repairs the skin.

Topshop Tunics
These are just brilliant, they are £12, available in a few colours and whats great is they are long enough to go past your bum which means they are great with leggings, i've got a few of them and i wear them with leggings & then a shorter top over them which is great when you have a top that isn't long enough to cover a potential camel toe! Very glad I found them & I certainly will be buying more!

Cynthia Vincent Luella Zip Wedges
These are just amazing shoes, not only are they unbelivably beautiful they are so comfortable, I wore them for a wedding a couple of weeks ago & had them on my feet for about 12 hours I was stood up for most of it & my feet were absolutely fine! The support they give your ankles is amazing too it certainly stopped me going arse over tit when drunk wearing them which is always a bonus, these are my new favourite shoes!

So there's this months favourites, i'm sure once my next haul is done they will feature in next months favourites as i'm loving them so far. If you want any reviews just let me know.

Thanks for reading & hope you're having a lovely weekend.


  1. Love those Topshop tunics too - in fact, I am wearing one right now with a top over it! So handy and a great range of colours.

    Love your blog!


  2. i know this is a big ask as it takes a long time to either do a vid or lots of pics but i'd love to see how you do your everyday make up for work, i feel like i can't wear eyeshadow,liner or mascara day to day without looking too made up, if that makes sense?! arghhh..... or maybe you could suggest shadows to use, the ones you like etc

    would reallllly appreciate it xxxxxx

  3. @stacey yes i will get that done for you as soon as i can :) xx

  4. Great post, I really enjoyed reading this! You 're in a very Turks&Caicos mood btw! :)


  5. I love how two of the products have Caicos in the name, and I'm assuming Turquoise = Turks too? :)


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