Mario Badescu Drying Lotion & Silver Powder Review

Monday 28 June 2010

Hey Ladies,

This has been requested a few times so I thought instead of waiting to do it on YouTube I'd pop it on here instead, believe me when I say it'll be more to the point & much less random off topic rambles.

First up the Drying Lotion

Quite a strange looking product, one which shouldn't be shaken up as there is alcohol on top of the formulation for sterilisation purposes and below the alcohol the actual treatment. You just dip a cotton bud/Q-tip down to the pink stuff & apply to a developing spot or spot. (I am currently covered in the stuff after a reaction to some Lush toner, cheers!)

What I think
There have been miracle tales told about this being able to make a spot disappear over night, I found this isn't true exactly. If you can feel a spot forming & you get this stuff on immediately the spot never forms, excellente I think you'll agree.
When you apply this to a fully formed spot it certainly doesn't make it disappear what it does is speed up the life cycle of the spot, so if a spot took say 4 days to form & leave totally I found it took about half the time with the drying lotion! again excellente!
What I will say is I don't get many spots (apart from my current situation) so I think this is an occasional spot kind of product not one I'd recommend for acne as you'll need something stronger, the claims that you can wear it under makeup & its a bit of a concealer are a pile of crap, if you apply foundation or any liquid over it it basically wipes away no matter how long you've left it to dry, so I use this as a night treatment.

There's one thing with this product I have a problem with & that's the ingredients; when you apply it it smells & looks just like the stuff you put on chicken pox when you were a kid; calamine, the third main ingredient ... calamine of course, the main ingredients are alcohol (the stuff on top) & aqua (you know water) so essentially the main ingredient that makes the difference is the calamine. If you pop into your local boots a whole bottle & we're talking 200mls of calamine is 99p! Making this what you would call a rip off, now i can't say I've been all scientific & bought some calamine applied it etc etc because I keep forgetting, if i do I'll be sure to let you know. Of course there is salicylic acid contained in the formula which is know to help spots but you can get higher potency salicylic acid much cheaper over the counter at boots again making this a rip of.
Would I buy it again? Hell no, I shall be buying a bottle of calamine ... & some Mario Badescu buffering lotion which you can wear under makeup & is better!

Silver Powder

They lie! This is white powder! It claims to be an absorbent powder which helps unclog congested pores, and remove stubborn blackheads promoting a healthier complexion.

What I Think
Ok first of all the instructions for this are very vague -

'dip a water dampened cotton ball into the powder then press on clogged area, wait 10 minutes & remove with toner or astringent'

Sounds simple enough, yet depending on the dampness on the sponge you get a different consistency when applied, so you don't know whether to apply it like a thick paste or in a thin layer. Either way I found it did remove very light blackheads but didn't touch stubborn ones. The removing of it is also quite difficult, I don't use a toner (I got the Lush one in London on Friday & I can say I will continue to not use one) so I couldn't remove it with a toner so I attempted to remove it with water & it was difficult & it left a white tinge to my skin which isn't very attractive. I have heard this from other people who have used a toner to remove it so it's not just the water!

Overall I wouldn't recommend this for people with very clogged skin but if you have a light blackhead patch this will help to remove it & keep it in check when used twice a week. Its about £11 & will last you a long time! But I certainly won't be repurchasing it, I have a face mask that does wonders compared to this, a review will be fast approaching!

I got both these items from I found them the cheapest & the delivery times are amazing well worth the £2.95 shipping (not promising anything but every time I order before 1pm it arrives the next day without paying for next day delivery)

Thanks for reading & I hope you're having a lovely week, let me know if you've tried any Mario & what did you think, or even better get recommending products for blackhead removal!!


  1. I bought that 'silver powder' crap ages and ages ago - does nothing!! I find that the ebst way is to have an extraction during a facial and then keep up exfoliating and using something strong at night (e.g lumecin or bliss peeling grooby!) I still have quite obvious pores sometimes -but no blackheads - which is a yay from me x

  2. Im glad i waited to hear what you thought, i wont be getting this then. Thankyou deary for another fabby review

    Lu xo

  3. I've got the drying lotion and think it's poop! x

  4. Thanks SO much for this review, I definitely won't be buying the Drying Lotion now! I didn't even really know about MB until xsparkage raved about them, but I guess I should've known they weren't all that because it's not like her skin has become perfect by using them =/

    That being said, I have the Drying Cream and I think it works pretty well for me :)

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