Mascara Tried & Tested Overview!

Sunday 13 June 2010

Hey Ladies,

I’ve been meaning to do this post for ages! I’ve tested out so many mascaras recently so I wanted to give you my opinion, I know I should do before & after pics but that would be pointless really as my lashes are so blonde. Plus I have quite long lashes naturally so can make most mascaras work for me but I can definitely tell you the good from the bad!

First up

Number 17 Mascara

I got sent a tube of this & basically i’m not even going to waste my bandwidth by writing about it, do not get it it is shit! Crispy, tarantula leg lashes are the result! ... & not in a good way


Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

This mascara promises;

'Staggering length & black patent shine, 70% longer sleeker lashes'

I got this when I attended the Maybelline event in London (told you this review was overdue) Now I don’t quite know how the brown shade this is available in achieves black patent shine so i’d like to test that out! Anyway, this mascara although I didn’t notice the patent leather effect did lengthen my lashes & separated them well. However if you’re looking for volume which i am this is pants!

Price – 7/10 - £7.99 I’d say is about average for a drug store mascara these days so can’t grumble at the price i guess

Performance – 5/10 – all length no volume!

Overall – 6/10 – Not a bad mascara but certainly would purchase it with my own money!

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara

This mascara promises to;

'Transform your lashes into a dramatic fan of length, for extreme dramatic length'

I got this when I attended the Aussie Party in Leeds and just as above this does lengthen & separate nicely but with the plastic wand gives you even less volume than the Lash stiletto. A very natural mascara if you like that look.

Price – 3/10 - £10.99 this will cost you which is ridiculous for a drug store mascara! & the reason I hate Max Factor!

Performance – 4/10 – All length & no volume in the slightest

Overall – 3/10 – Don’t waste your money I know i certainly wont on this!

Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express mascara

This mascara boasts;

'A collagen enriched formula that loads lashes one by one delivering up to 7x more volume'

I got this mascara at the Maybelline event, this is a great mascara if you’re looking for volume & not needing any lengthening to your lashes, a couple of coats is all you need to achieve it however i found it can get really clumpy so you need a mascara wand to brush through after & then you’re good to go. Would I purchase this myself? No, its a nice mascara but not great.

Price – 8/10 - £6.99 i think is a great price, it lasts well & doesn’t dry out quickly.

Performance – 5/10 – the reverse of the stiletto all volume no length

Overall – 7/10 – not a bad mascara at all just not my cup of tea. I'm looking for perfection this requires work!

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara

This mascara is;

'Designed to make your lashes look visibly thicker, longer & yet still natural looking,can be easily removed & the formula included Ceramide R which works to make lashes strong, smooth & full & Panthenol conditions & protects the lashes.'

This statement from L’oreal is complete lies, this mascara does not look natural, ok it may do with one coat but with two or more makes your lashes incredible, long & thick (which is the best) not only that as soon as i took it off the first time I noticed how soft the mascara was ie not crispy like a lot. It doesn’t flake or transfer but i do find that when applying it doesn’t dry quickly so there is risk of smudging across your face ... which i do ... often. Totally worth it for the effect it gives! I actually bought this one myself & have repurchased it which i only have ever done with my Rimmel Sexy curves!

Price – 10/10 - £7.99 for a mascara this effective after 2 coats is an amazing price!

Performance – 9/10 – Just the smudging is the only negative

Overall 9.5/10 – I really recommend to everyone I think this just may be my favourite mascara now!

I found with the 1st three if i combined either of the lengthening ones with the volume one i got a lovely effect, the effect i get from the L’oreal but the L’oreal is quicker, easier & much cheaper than buying 2 mascaras. So my obvious recommendation, I do have another mascara to do a review on which is possibly the oddest mascara i’ve ever used. But more on that at a later date once i’ve tested it out more!

Thanks so much for reading & if you’ve got any recommendations to top the L’oreal please let me know! I think i’ve probably tried the majority of mascaras now so your mission is to recommend to me a untested one!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend, i've had one filled with birthdays & weddings & lots of Pimms! its been lovely!


  1. Thanks for the overview! I've heard some good things about the Voluminous, but after your amazing review...I'll definitely check it out when it goes on sale :)

  2. I've tried so many mascaras recently and I find the Colossal Volume Express pretty good. I'm quite interested in trying out the Maybelline Elastic Mascara soon!

  3. I looooove voluminous and one tube lasts forever without drying out! xx

  4. great post really helpfull!!

    Ill have to try the loriel one sounds fab!


  5. Thanks for the post, so helpful. I know which one i'll be trying out next!

  6. great review!
    I'm always looking out to try now mascaras :)

  7. Ok, must own the loreal one! Fab, fab, fab review. I don't normally bother with drugstore mascaras because i think designer tends to be a lot better but maybe that's not true after this review!


  8. I totally agree with all of your reviews! voluminous is the best!


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