NOTD: Essie Mink Muffs ... Tee Hee

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Hey Ladies

I'm back from Spain *sigh* although very happy to see my boyfriend incredibly filled with sorrow to leave my dog ... & get back to work. Life must go on.

I thought I'd post a nice NOTD for you with a very popular shade Mink Muffs by Essie

It's a gorgeous taupe chocolate brown shade, darker than Galaxy not quite Dairy Milk I'd say with a bit of gray in it. This is also incredibly easy to apply in two coats so good Essie yay!

Love it! Plus I'd have bought it even if it was a horrible colour just for the name, in case anyone asks me at work what its called! Anyone else ever buy shades of nail polish just for the name? let me know which ones!!

Thanks for reading & I'll see you soon, please feel free to tell me how much you missed me since I've been away! :)


  1. Love Mink Muffs! It looks darker on me though. I pretty much bought this one for the name too, but its lovely so that's a bonus. x

  2. Beautiful!
    I love it, i need this colour in my life! xx

  3. this is such a gorgeous colour! i WANT IT!

    do you no if it is in any way similar to 'you dont know jacques' by OPI? x

  4. I love these types of shades! Must add this on my list.

  5. That's a gorgeous shade! :) the name makes me giggle too, lol


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