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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Ramble: DHL are SHITE!!!

Hey Ladies,

If you don't like a ramble filled with morals then look away now!

Last week during the Into The Groove release I placed two separate orders with two separate email addresses on the Mac website (free delivery coupon could only be used once per account), one to be delivered to my home & one to be delivered to my work (my dad tuts at every package). The reason for two packages? I was resisting Stereo Rose until watching a Kelanjo19 haul video (god dam that beautiful angel!) so initially only got jazzed then the next morning bought Stereo Rose.

Quick picture of a puppy! So you know it's not life & death

So whilst at work & tracking my packages like a daemon the tracking numbers both reported they'd been delivered to my neighbour ... Both!

I got home & saw even though one clearly had a different shipping address they'd both been delivered to my home. The delivery driver put on the delivery note she assumed that the other shipping label was a mistake & 'to call her if its not your package'

Begin rant
So yes she had made the correct assumption they were both my packages but what right does she have to do that? It could have easily been a different person than me who the other package was for & who the hell would actually ring them up & say 'yes come & pick up this free stuff i could keep myself from the same website I ordered from'... Not many I'm guessing.

I think its a complete pathetic lazy service personally. I wanted your opinions should I complain? am I over reacting? or should i be really cheeky & pretend I never got the package that was supposed to be delivered to my work to Mac, cue evil laugh Bah ha ha!!

Thanks for reading, It wasn't a really long one but I really want some feedback, I know DHL are unpopular amongst bloggers who order Mac & now I'm one of those said bloggers!

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