Thursday, 19 August 2010

If You Don't Like Frizzy Hair ... Avoid This Shampoo!!

Hey Ladies,

Rarely do I want to write a review when it's a negative one, mostly I tend to just not bother, I prefer to praise than slag a product off. However occasionally I'm so overwhelmed by the shitness of a product I feel the need to warn people away from it!

Today's Product is ....

Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour Shampoo

I have the easiest hair in the world & I have never had a problem with frizzyness, I've never come across a product that has made my hair frizzy ... until now. I used this at my boyfriends mum's house because I forgot to bring my own shampoo & when i took down my hair in the morning I was confronted with frizzy hair, It looked bloody awful! I can't tell you if it 'ignites' colour but I can say it'll ignite any frizz you may have! Avoid at all costs I'd say! I was a bit gutted as I used to use Herbal Essences when I was about 14 so the smell was a trip down memory lane! (I can't believe that was like 10 years ago!)

The positivity will return on my next review! Let me know if you've tried it & your experience! Hope you're having & lovely week & thanks for reading! IT'S FRIDAY TOMORROW! high 5*


  1. I didnt like the shampoo :( Dried my hair :(

  2. The one they do in the orange bottle (I think it's for dry/damaged hair) is really good at frizz reducing, try that one!


  3. Yeah, I can't wear the orange kind of Herbal Essences because it makes my hair super dry and gross! :\ Love the Hydralicious kind, though!

  4. I used this shampoo for my hair color and it did its job. As for the frizziness I didn't notice any difference.. So I guess every hair is different and needs different kinds of shampoo :)

  5. I agree, It makes my hair look awful, it does nothing for my colour and it just drys my hair so much.