OCC Lip Tars: Anime & Cha Cha Review

Monday 30 August 2010

Hey Ladies

A couple of weeks ago I got myself obsessed with Lip Tars by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, I lusted for them, dreamt about them (ok that's a lie) I NEEDED them!

My particular fascination was directed at two shades Anime a neon pink & Cha Cha a pastel peach.

So like a good girl I resisted as they're such a pain in the arse to get hold of in the UK until I saw that a. My paypal account was working again & b. Pro Makeup Store took paypal!! Those were my two conditions! So placed my order thinking 'they're coming from the Netherlands it'll take a week or so' and they turned up after 4 days! Posted on the Monday received on the Friday! Tip Top service I think you'll agree!

Anyway on to the lips!

Cha Cha
It is a very intense pastel peach & very light & opaque, It kind of looks silly on me when applied like this, i.e. with a lip brush as its just too much like concealer lips. However if you commit a cardinal sin in Lip Tar terms & dab this on your lips with your ring finger (carefully) then the result is very flattering & an everyday shade to pop on!

All I can say for this is WOW! It is intense & no camera I think can pick up the neoness of it! When I applied it in front of my boyfriend he said 'it looks like something Lady Gaga would wear' (is that a compliment?) & also I said I'd wear this to Leeds next week, his reply 'where are you going? a porn shoot' I think that's a compliment personally! This is the most amazing lip colour ever! Pain in the arse to apply but worth the hassle! No pink I've got or come across compares to this! I love a bright pink lip on a night out this will be worn for the next one for sure! Stains your lips by the way but I can live with that!

Overall I love the two Lip Tars I have, I also got sent two samples from the lovely Sarah, the one I love when applied with a finger is Hush, looks a milky pink in the pot but kind of looks peachy on top of my lip colour!
I definitely don't think Lip Tars are for everyone they're messy & a pain to apply but if you love the colour it is worth it, but I can definitely see why they're used by makeup artists for mixing very space saving in kits!
I don't think they're a necessity for everyone but if you spot a special colour I say go for it, priced at about £10 I think they're very reasonable as they'll last you forever!!

Thanks for reading & let me know what you think!! Any questions let me know & Will you be purchasing any?


  1. wow these look amazing! I especially love the second colour... I want!!! xx

  2. anime looks amazing on you!!

  3. ooo the first colour is gorgeous, look super wearable!

  4. Ah they both look amazing on you, I love my cha cha - I still need to post about it! X

  5. Anime is amazing, I'm very tempted to get this!


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