St Tropez Festival Gift Set! Get on it!

Thursday 26 August 2010

Hey Everyone,
I got sent an email today about a great offer from St Tropez about their 
Festival Gift Set they've put together!
Image totally stolen from the St Tropez Site
The set includes Everyday Perfect Legs 150ml, Bronzing Powder 
and a powder brush for the price of £35 - saving over £10
I love St Tropez full stop, I'm yet to try a product I haven't loved & this is a
great value set, who doesn't love a bit of fake tan & bronzer! I really want to try the bronzer 
so will be picking up one of these myself, as for the Everyday Perfect Legs it's a
great alternative to full on fake tanning, I really enjoy using gradual tanners so I'm 
sure this wont let me down. You can get it from their site here until midnight on Tuesday!

Anyway I hope you're all having a fantastic week, I am ill & don't want to go to work
in the morning but I will be a trooper (I never take sick days) & high 5* for the 3 day
weekend for the UK!!
Thanks for reading loves!!

1 comment

  1. I've just bought the new xen tan :D the dark deluxe. Paid a fortune. So cant buy anything else for now :D


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