A Few Of My Favourite Things!

Sunday 19 September 2010

Hey Ladies,

Since i'm bored at home avoiding tidying I thought I share with you my current favourites with you!!

 Ah where to start?

Of course the Anime Lip Tar from my last post, up until now I only applied it in the privacy of my house mainly because I hadn't had an excuse to wear it! Neon pink seems such an impractical colour but I know i'll get a lot of use from this, it kicks my Mac Chatterbox lippy's arse that's for sure!

Eye Combo!
Really simple with just the Benefit Creasless Cream Shadow in RSVP which is gorgeous, I love the CCS's because you can just slap one on & it doesn't budge all day without a shadow on top, I love them so much I just bought a couple ... okay four!!
My two favourite Nars shadows are Nepal & Fez, they blend beautifully into each other and Nepal is basically the same shade as RSVP a champaigny pink so perfect layered on top of the RSVP and Fez is a bronzed brown, this combo is perfect for the day time with just a tiny sweep of the Fez & then you can pile the Fez on at night for a more sexified look!

Nail Polish!
I have been loving my Metro Chic, I promised myself I'd apply a new nail polish every time I painted my nails for NOTD posts & to boost my Nail page but I have broken this rule quite a few times & used this more than my allotted allowance! Naughty Nicola! It is a really interesting gray mixed with brown & purple, you don't get more unique than this!

My Cynthia Vincent Luella Zip Wedges are without doubt the comfiest shoes I have ever stepped out in! FACT! I can wear them for a good 10 hours on my feet & they feel like I've been wearing flats! I think with shoes for the most part you get what you pay for! They get so much attention too! Sexy mamas!!

I cannot recommend this Paul Mitchell Super Strong Liquid Treatment enough, It's just a leave in treatment on damp hair that you spray in & it makes all the difference, its supposed to rebuild damaged hair & I really think it works! It's fairly inexpensive too!! I've seen it on ebay 250mls for £13 which I think is more than reasonable!

This foundation I got at the recent Bourjoir event, I was sceptical at first mainly because I can never find a shade that suits me in lower end brands ie 'drug store' brands, but the lovely Bourjois ladies at the event matched me to a shade & it does suit me so I now know my shade if I want to try another of their foundations. I probably wont because I love this! Bio Detox foundation makes my skin look lovely & doesn't feel at all heavy, It sets super quickly so you have to work fast but gives you what I would call a velvet look to your skin ie, not fully matt not glowing, inbetween so great for normal to oily skin & it stays put all day with a powder on top! It smells bloody amazing too ... like apples!! Not out yet i'm afraid so keep an eye out for when it is!

So there's my favourites at the moment (I couldn't be bothered to wait til the end of the month!) I was going to maybe do a monthly favourites & then add on my top 5 nail polishes of the month at the end, what do you think?

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend & thanks for reading! let me know what's in your favourites at the moment!!


  1. what's the name of the bourjois foundation? sounds great! x

  2. love the Benefit Creasless Cream Shadow too!!!


  3. Hey Nicola, posting on here as I think there will be more chance of you looking. Have you sold the M.A.C novel twist palette to someone else already? Sure I was the only one to comment on it.


  4. I really have to try some Bourjoir foundations! I always hear so many good things about them!

  5. I really want to try Metro Chic! It looks like such a lovely colour!


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