I Can't Make Up My Mind, Help!!

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Hey Ladies,

So I had a weekend of browsing on the internet, all it managed to do what put me in a right old kerfuffle! There's too many lovely things to chose from, here's my current confusion list.

I love bags & I think its time for a new one, I love the Mulberry Alexa but it just hurt my arm so I wanted to search for another satchel type bag, my choices Chloe Elsie (Grayish Cream) or Miu Miu Paloma (Black)! Elsie or Paloma, Paloma or Elsie? Attaching names to them doesn't help its like Sophie's choice (she has to pick between her two kids by those damn Nazi's)

Cloud Nine The O Rollers
I really really want these but can I? should I? Every time I enter a new stage in my life I want to chop off my hair & these work great with short hair, the temptation is killing me! I need volumous hair in my life!!

MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara
Yes I know it's supposed to be amazing but can I really justify spending £19 on a mascara when I'm more than happy with my L'oreal Voluminous or do I dare just in case I fall in love & it costs me £19 a bleeding mascara tube! (this is the point where you tell me its worth it)

A Vintage Art Deco Ring
This is the exact one I want but I can't get it yet! I am so afraid it will sell before I can get it, someone fancy getting me an early birthday present, I do need cheering up!! I love vintage rings that have history!

A New Tattoo
I only get semi permanent ones ( & before any one says there's no such thing, I've got a fully faded one to shut you up) & I want a new one to go in its place, there or there abouts I just need to pick the font, help me out! I'm veering towards the middle one. The great thing is you can fill the sentence in with a Sharpie to suit your mood. Right now it would be 'Love is ... SHIT!'

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts how naughty should I be?!!

Hope you're having a nice week so far! :)


  1. Great post as always sweets :)
    I am in LOVE with the black Miu Miu Paloma hun! Much much nicer than the Chloe!
    I also love the font of the middle tattoo lovely :)

  2. I'd definitely go for theO if I could afford it... they look amazing!! xx

  3. oooh can you do a post about your temp tattoo? there's so much conflicting info about them!
    YES get smokey lash! its amazing! xx

  4. Choices Choices...I love the black Miu Miu Paloma but then the Chloe Elsie is beautiful too...i feel your dilema....if you like both so much...flip a coin and leave it down to fate =)

    The ring is beautiful it would look so good with the Chloe bag...

    sorry I'm not helping am I!?


  5. Omg I love both bags, I wouldn't be able to choose either..

  6. The black bag. imagine getting a stain on the cream by accident! I'd die! they're beautiful

    I'd go for the O rollers, I'm dying for them too! and one of the first tweets I read and remember from you was about those rollers so I think you need them in your life.

    Oh, any information about semi perm tattoos would be great to know about! i'm scared of a perm one so let me know please


  7. definitely paloma is my fave!that may be the perfect satchel!

    i like the bottom font for the tattoo, just because of the L!

    and the ring is bloomin' beautiful!something you'd regret not getting me thinks!


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