NOTD: OPI Charged Up Cherry

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Hey Ladies,

I am sending my apologies for no new posts in the past few days, I've been busy in life & too lazy to blog! Anyway I have been meaning to do a NOTD with this polish for ages, if you watched one of my haul vids on YouTube you will have seen me showing this & the lid was stuck on even though I'd never used it, I tried tapping it, soaking it etc & finally with my brute strength I got it open & here it is!

OPI Charged Up Cherry
I love this polish its a bright redish hot pink! This one will get noticed, as for my dotty ring finger I regressed a couple of years & decided to do some nail art! (as you do!) Please excuse how dark it is in the picture this was the only true colour I could get!

Thanks to all my new subscribers! I don't know where you all came from that's for sure but I'm glad you're here! I'm nearly at 800 & once I get to 1000 I can FINALLY do my giveaway! I've had an Alexander McQueen scarf waiting in my room for months! It has been so hard not to use it!

Thanks for reading & hope you're having a lovely week so far! I really convinced myself it was Friday today! Sadly I was WAY off!! Who's going to the Illamasqua event on Saturday? I cannot wait, how exciting is it they are opening a flagship store & we get to see it first?!


  1. woah an alexander mcqueen scarf? thats amazing! i really want to try an opi polish cos i have the top coat and love the applicator but there are too many to choose -sobs-

  2. I got this colour on my infills and I love it! Its so bright and perfect!

  3. Lovely colour!
    I agree that the alexa is impractical, but the oversized one is much better, the only thing i find irritating is how long it takes to open and close! x


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