My Birthday Wish List

Friday 29 October 2010

Hey Ladies,

So my birthday is fast approaching I shall be turning 24 on the 14th November which pains me to say. 24! when the hell did that happen? Any way I thought I'd post some of the goodies I'm craving, just in case my friends are at a loss for what to get me :p or anyone is feeling generous! haha

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch
I've earmarked this for my boyfriend to get me, I've been wanting this for ages & was waiting til my birthday to get it & every frigger from YouTube got one! I wasn't impressed! :) It's just so pretty!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
I got a sample when I got unmatched (they are incapable of listening to me when I say I have very yellow skin & they match me with a pink one! All that orange layered foundation has clearly gone to their heads) I seriously wished I didn't record my favourite foundation video without this, I absolutely love it. I need a bottle, in fact went into get one today & they had every shade apart from mine so she gave me a large sample! Typical!

Monica Vinader Rings
They are so lovely, I think I'm on a rose gold kick at the moment, these may have to be a Christmas present but I'm willing to wait! They're not stupidly expensive & really beautiful pieces, I want a few to swap & change.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
I have used this before & never repurchased, mainly because I was about 15 & thought it was so expensive, then got hooked to other products. I'd love to give this another go now I'm older, I'm all about the easiness of everyday tasks!!

I'm not too greedy am I? I think that's quite a restrained list for me! What's on your Christmas lists?
Thanks for reading & hope you're welcoming the weekend as much as I am!


  1. Its my birthday in December and the Michael Kors watch is firmly on my list too x

  2. I'm into anything rose gold these days so that watch is gorgeous!


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