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Wednesday 6 October 2010

Hey Ladies,

Last night I was sat having a look at the Guru Gossip site & laughing to myself at these people who think it's ok to slag human beings off when all they are trying to do is help other people for the most part! Having met some of the Gurus who are getting all this stick & seeing how they were geniuinly upset by it I thought it was time for something to be done.

So I set up a forum where we can 'Love A Guru' spread some positivity which we all appear to be lacking at the moment, no controversy, no criticism just supporting one & other & giving the praise where it's due.

So pop down & share a bit of positivity for a Guru you love, if there's some you're not keen on just skip them & focus on the ones you respect.

Check it out here & let me know what you think! It's a little basic as I only did it last night but Rome wasn't built in a day as they say!!

Lots of love & lots of positivity is what we all need!


  1. Hey! I will make sure to mention this in my next blog post :o). Follow me back on twitter? I'm weirdbutterfly on there! Love the love a guru site xxxx

  2. I think most of the people there has mental issues.. they say such stupid things. I'm glad you did that post, sick of all the hate (:

  3. Great idea, it's about time we started cracking down on those mean spirited people who leave petty, offensive or downright nasty comments on guru's blogs. I love how they're usually from anonymous accounts too! People have to stop using the internet as something to hide's are people too and they deserve respect and decency just as much as someone you met for real.

  4. I think the sentiment is nice but...we already tell gurus how much we love them on their pages and comments. I believe in freedom of speech. People should be allowed to say what they think, especially about those who put themselves out there to the public. No one is forcing gurus to check this "gossip site" so I think it's acceptable! There are both positive and negative opinions about everyone.

    Also I checked out Guru Gossip and there's definitely a "Rave" section. So it's not even all negative after all!

  5. I think this is a great idea. It's really sad when people have such a negative look on life that all they do is bash people. If you don't like someone it's a lot easier to just pass by it. They have to make a serious effort to complain about someone doing what they love. Just ugh. My blog is brand new but I'd like to promote this in a post if that's okay with you :)



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