St Tropez Fashion Week Kit!

Saturday 16 October 2010

Hey Ladies,

After Fashion Week St Tropez wanted to create a kit for people at home to recreate the looks & so they came up with the Fashion Week Kit! The kit includes a Wash Off Mousse, Skin Illuminator and a free St Tropez Wash Off Face and St Tropez Applicator Mitt. 

The kit is available now for £30 and will be free delivery for all in the UK and only available for a week, so take advantage!

Personally I want to get my hands on the Wash off Face, Fake tan always breaks me out so a wash off one when I have fake tan on my body is something I must own! 

St Tropez also have a section on the site dedicated to the Fashion Week which is great to look at when you've got the time so check it out!! 

I hope you're all having a lovely Saturday, I personally am having a nightmare trying to upload a video to YouTube! 8 Times i've bleeding tried!! but I shall persist & get it up! I'm trying to be a good girl & do more videos!!


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