St Tropez Wash Off Range & Skin Illuminator

Friday 22 October 2010

Hey ladies,

I technically already blogged about this but I wanted to show you the actual products once they were sent to me. The offer has expired where you get the fashion week kit but you can purchase these products individually as well!

Skin Illuminator - £15
This is a cream Illuminator quite thick in consistency that leaves you with a irredescent blue sheen would look amazing on a night out on your cheek bones, d├ęcolletage etc. Not one for everyday but certainly great for the dare I say it ... Festive period!

Wash Off Instant Glow Body - £12
This is just simply a wash off instant tan, the colour is really natural so great for the pale girls if you want a hint of colour or a great booster if you love to fake tan! For £12 I would definitely buy this with my own moola as I think it gives a lovely finish to your skin & you get a decent amount for the money!

Wash Off Instant Face Glow - £10
This stuff is genius! I am unable to apply any fake tan on my face or neck as it gives me the most horrendous spots! So it's such a pain when I want to fake tan & then have to match my face with bronzer so this is a great product for me, also if your tan on your face fades quicker than your body after a holiday or fake tanning which mine certainly does this is great for evening it up! This looks scary dark but once blended it's lovely & a great alternative to foundation on lazy days or for mixing in foundations to warm up the skin! Love it! & certainly recommend it!

From top to bottom not fully blended!
Wash off body
Wash off face
Skin Illuminator

So there's the fashion week kit, they're all available individually on the St Tropez site & I am impressed with the wash off range sometimes I'm too lazy to fake tan or have to be tanned at short notice so these are great products to have.

Thanks for reading & if you've got any questions just leave a comment!

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  1. Hey Nicola, I just wanted to say please never ever stop blogging. You are one of the very few beauty bloggers with personality and I love your posts :)

  2. have you seen the effects of this tan in terms of spots? I suffer from that too! I used this wash off body the other day and loved it! x

  3. Please let me know if it comes off on ur clothes :) thxxxxxxxx


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