Sunday Summary!

Sunday 24 October 2010

Hey Ladies,

I know these are done by a few bloggers so I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon, I don't talk too much about personal things on here so I suppose it's a better way to get to know me better if you don't follow me on Twitter!

Excuse my post work face!

♥ Red Lips!! I was never a red lip girl I much prefer hot pink but I suddenly had the urge to buy a red lippy but I ended up with a red Lip liner & I loves it!

♥ Work has been crazy, I had my last day at work last Friday, had 2 days of unemployment which I spent getting up early & helping look after my boyfriends beautiful little boy only to be rang by my work on Tuesday afternoon & asked to return the morning after & even work overtime on Saturday. So it's been crazy! I'm shattered!

♥ Primark Cardi's - I got the most amazing wool knitted cardi (in the pic above) last Wednesday from Primark & it was £7! It's so soft & warm, such a great piece for the winter in my wardrobe, for every week I have my job I'm buying one in a different colour!

♥ My Birthday - It's fast approaching, my boyfriend knows what I want! Hint hint! I have an outfit for my night out & a meet up with two of my favourite bloggers coming up! The plastics will reunite! :)

♥ Getting to 900 Followers - Its such a lovely feeling when someone subscribes & so appreciated when people take time to comment, I do notice who comment the most & I love those people! I think I might start sending little prizes to the most commenting subscribers because they're always so lovely! So thank you one & all! You all brighten my day & I love having you in my life, hopefully these summaries will let you have an insight into my life!

So my 1st summary, whats your loves this week been?

Thanks so much for reading & i'm currently attempting to upload a YouTube vid if my internet will allow it!!


  1. I absolutely love reading Sunday summaries & this was fabby!

    Love love the rose gold michael kors watch! Im lusting after one very similiar! Fingers crossed you get it for your birthday!


  2. love that watch!!! :) its just so pretty :) you should def do these posts every week:) x
    Amie x

  3. I love the colour of that cardi - so lovely!! xx

  4. Loving sunday summary, such a nice way to end the week. Well done with all your followers! Love your blog, and your tweets :).


  5. Haha I've been dropping some BIG hints to my husband to get me that watch for Christmas, don't think I have worn him down yet but will keep trying! Love the sunday summary idea, but I'm quite nosy so it appeals to me!

  6. Loving these posts - fingers firmly crossed you get that gorgeous watch! And you rock a red lip too missy!


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