Sunday Summary & Giveaway winners!

Sunday 7 November 2010

Hey Ladies,

I swear time is at super speed it doesn't feel like its been a week since my last Sunday Summary! Not funny!

This picture sums up my week just a blur! But it's consisted of;

Friends - I had such a lovely night out with two of my favourite friends (yes I rank them!) & have a up & coming road trip to Forever 21 with Kelly & Gemma which I'm so excited about so I'm all about time with friends at the moment.
Paul & Joe Lip Balm - It is seriously amazing! I will be doing a review but it makes my lips look so lovely & plump!!
My Birthday - It is 7 days til i'm 24 which is so scary but i've had my night out so no horrible hangover this year for the day, I think it will just be relaxed & I don't think i'll be seeing anyone or doing anything, that's my kind of birthday!
Tidying - I had such a nice clean up today, tidy house tidy mind & all that, plus I washed all my makeup brushes which is so satisfying!
Sleek Blush in Rose Gold - It has been described as a dupe to Nars Orgasm but it's so so much better, I can't stand how glittery the Nars one is, the sleek one is the same shade as the Nars a kind of peachy pink but with a gold sheen rather than a gold glitter. It is Love!


I miss my dog an incredible amount! It makes me so sad that I don't have him waking me up every day! :( I love this picture, I took it a few years ago & was lying on the sofa & he literally walked over me & pushed himself between me & the sofa for a cuddle!

Right now for the competition winners please email me your details to

DKNY Giveaway Winner - Dainty Dolly Mix

DKNY Giveaway Runner up - Sadie

Topshop Earrings Winner - Jennifer

Thanks for reading & well done to the winners!!


  1. Oh my god Nicola you have made my absolute MONTH!

    haha thank you so much, i am so excited to have won! Yay!

    Will email you now my darling!

    Love your blog muchly :)


  2. Awww, I feel your pain about your dog, I'm the same with my cat xoxo

  3. aw your dog is so cute and cuddly <3

    congrats to the winners and i'll email you shortly :)

  4. Congrats to the winners !!
    I have heard great stuff about the sleek blush wish we could get it here :(

  5. Definitely feeling the pet pain :( your dog is unbelievably cute!!!!

    might have to try the P & J lip balm my lips are actually shameful right now, winter lips fail xx

  6. Yay, thank you Nicola, what a wonderful surprise. Sorry for the late response (i've just e-mailed you), i was away for a few weeks and have only just noticed this.

    Many thanks

    Sadie xx


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