NOTD: Minx Nails & Illamasqua

Saturday 4 December 2010

Hey ladies,
If you saw my November favourites on YouTube you will have seen that I have a sheet of Minx Nail Wraps & today I finally had time to try them out!

I think when you're doing at home nail wraps it's easier to have one nail as the focus hence why I painted the rest with Illamasqua Jo'mina nail polish.

They're more expensive than at home alternatives like Nail Rock wraps because they are a professional product but I do find the quality to be better & they are much thinner than Nail Rock wraps & available in more designs.

I would definitely recommend people to get them done in the salon, Its obviously easier to get someone else to do a full set than doing them at home as you have to get the equipment & learn how to do it etc. I'm happy to do my own as I only really like them as an accent nail unless I was really pushing the boat out!

What do you think? Have you had your nails minxed before?

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  1. that looks SO cool nicola! can you do mine? :D

  2. I love that print, looks so cute on toes too!

  3. oh my god they look amazing!
    definitely going to buy some soon.
    are they easy to use?

  4. Wow, these look pretty cool!

  5. Look lovely Nicola :).

    P.S. I sent you a e-mail regarding your competition around a month ago?! Yet haven't receieved a reply.... I used the e-mail which you've stated on the left.

    Sadie x

  6. There only expensive because your not a qualified nail tech. If you got them off of ebay then your paying well over the odd's.

    You would have probably paid the same to get it done in a salon.

    I know how much they cost because offer I the service as a qualified nail tech.

    But they are a cool pattern you have chosen =).

  7. i tried the 'blitxz' nail ones a few months back and i liked them but it took so long to do each nail, and they peeled after a day or too- even though they claimed to last for 2 weeks! interested to see how it lasts :)

  8. This looks great, I have some nail rock ones to try, think I'll just try one nail per hand to start with like you suggest.


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