New Years Beauty Resolutions

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Hey Ladies,

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year, I got dressed up even put up my hair & had a night out with my friend Jade, it was shockingly quiet but I had a great night!! So now comes the time of the year when everyone tries to improve themselves. Personally I'm perfect & don't need to change (or too lazy to, whichever one you believe go with it) but beauty & fashion wise I definitely can improve my behaviours/habits so I thought i'd share them with you.

Now i've gone very basic so that they are achievable! So without further a-do!

Finish A Foundation Before Buying Another

 This is my current foundation collection plus at least 4 more that I know are missing (eeek) I need to seriously do some slapping on & get through at least one before purchasing another. If you saw my Wish list for 2012 there was a few foundations on it, I clearly have a problem so by finishing some of the ones I own I will not be feeding my addiction. Ahem.

Use Hand Cream & Cuticle Oil Everyday

I have so many hand creams & cuticle oils/balms/creams which I use very sporadically so I am vowing to get some use out of them & get my hands in tip top condition, my favourite hand cream is Hand Repair by Liz Earle its super thick & moisturising. I thought i'd keep my Nailtiques cuticle oil in my handbag so I can use it at work & then my new China Glaze one for home use, I can keep on my bed side table to remind me to use it!

Wear More Jewellery

I got this amazing Talullah Tu necklace for Christmas from my friend Jade and It made me realise I am just too lazy when it comes to accessorising, I mean I own a Jewellery Shop & yet I don't ever wear bracelets or necklaces. I tend to stick to my Zoe & Morgan Love ring & that's it, so this year I aim to accessorise & hopefully start some outfit posts for you as well so you can track my progress!

I think that's a reasonable resolution list, obviously blog more etc will be always be something I aim to do, my dot com is officially working again which makes me incredibly happy, it was seriously stressful, all I can say is transfer your domain away from blogger because they have done some serious messing since they bought blogger!!

What are your resolutions?? And more importantly do you ever stick to them!?


  1. I'm totally going to join you on the hand cream resolution!
    I'd not thought of beauty resolutions, this is a great idea. :)

    Le Bibliotheque

  2. Your post made a pleasant change was getting fed up of all the diet & exercise resolution posts :)
    OMG how much foundation? lol I only have one tube!

  3. I'm with you on the wear more jewellery, I always get annoyed with my pitiful collection but begrudge spending the same amount on a necklace/ring as a top!

    Glad you had a good night, I spent the evening watching tv and drinking vodka before tragically attempting to play charades with my boyfriend. I am 80.


  4. I am the same with the hand cream one, i love the Liz Earle one too, it smells amazing, you have an enviable foundation collection! x

  5. Great resolutions, and that's one hell of a foundation collection you've got there!


  6. Just great resolutions! I need to use more hand and cuticle oil, so I might steal that one- and the Jewelry one. I love Tallulah tu :) xx

  7. Haha the foundation one definately needs to be added to my resolutions!

  8. I really want to find some new foundations, Would you be able to do a post reviewing a few of your favourties please, it would be a great help for little me :) xx

  9. I may have to join you on wearing more jewellery, I have so much, but just never wear it. Great post x

  10. that is alot of foundation... the thought of trying a new one when you finish one might spur you on to use them up though :D

  11. Your foundation collection is amazing!
    I've just done my first blog haul, check it out&let me know what you think? much love, <3

  12. hahaa.. the foundation collection made me laugh, i thought mine was bad!! lol .. lovely blog now following x


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