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Sunday 16 January 2011

Hey Ladies,

This week has been a toughie, I have come to realise my new job is (for lack of a better word) shit, really boring & repetitive so much so I am definitely looking for another, a bad day at work plus a sad film meant most of Thursday night was spent crying! But i've been home this weekend which has been just what I needed!

I've needed lots of cuddles!
My hair - it was one of my loves last week & it is again this week, I've washed it & discovered the perming process hasn't damaged it in the slightest which is great & I've worked out the best way to style it without any heat which is always ideal (wash at night, leave to dry & 2 corn rows before bed then Toni & Guy curl cream in the morning scrunched into it, easy peasy)

Whittard Hot Chocolate - My brother bought me a gift set of different hot chocolates for Christmas, including mint, chilli, caramel & ginger hot chocolates, i've been loving trying all the different flavours, i'm boring & love the mint, I was going to buy some from the Whittard site but it's £4.50 delivery!!!!! & £5.00 for the bloody hot chocolate if i'm honest it tastes the same as the Options mint hot chocolate so i'll be sticking to that until I start weeing money!!

Tresemme Naturals Shampoo - I got sent this a while ago & absolutely love it, the smell is gorgeous & it really makes my hair feel great, I haven't conditioned it for over a week & not felt the need to either thanks to this shampoo!

Blog sale - Because i've been living elsewhere my makeup at my house is just not getting used so i've been through my stash & gathered it together for a blog sale tonight I just don't need it & happily living with my makeup at my boyfriends so can get rid of it ... in time for IMATS & makeup forever!!!

That has basically been my very boring (as usual) week! Hopefully next week will be better, i've a feeling it wont be!!

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  1. That piccie of the pups is so cute!

    Glad the perming hasn't damaged your hair, the pics of it I've seen look fab.



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