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Monday 3 January 2011

Hey Ladies,

Hope you've all been enjoying your bank holiday, mine has been spent helping fixing (& breaking eek) my boyfriends laptop so lots of shouting & screaming ... & swearing has been exchanged between us, but we got it fixed & all happy chappies!!

Bath Blogging is the way forward!!
♥ Sale shopping - Now I really hate sale shopping don't get me wrong but I do it right, Christmas day I took advantage of the Space NK sale whilst most ladies were opening their presents I being the saddo I am was pillaging their stocks from my lounge watching Elf & it came on New Years Eve which I was mightily impressed by (2 working days!) Then on the Tuesday Bank holiday I needed to return some pre Christmas sale items & quickly popped into French Connection & Topshop & was done. I hate people pushing each other for clothes that they are unlikely to wear but just save so much money on the item they buy it (don't tell me I'm the only one that does it! Damn you Kurt Geiger boots!)

♥ Bank Holidays - I have been loving all these days off & it depresses me the thought of being Monday to Friday next week but I've got a nice catch up coffee with my gorgeous friend Jade at the weekend to look forward to!

♥ Food - Now I'm not an over indulger at Christmas, I'm allergic to most of the festive stuff & not the biggest roast dinner fan & turkey is my sworn enemy. However since moving to my boyfriends & enjoying the fact that it takes me 15 minutes to get home I have been doing some proper cooking & loving it! I made Chili last night & reaped the benefits of left overs today!

My boyfriend made us some Nachos! god they were good, I'm suffering from eating too many at the moment! He also ate it with Strawberry yogurt?!? (don't ask) I chose the more traditional route - sour cream!

♥ An Idiot Abroad - I have loved Karl Pilkington since I heard the Ricky Gervais podcasts when they came out & his series I didn't watch purely because it was on Sky one & I never watch TV in my lounge! My brother bought me the DVD for Christmas & I watched it on Christmas day & LOVED it, he is hilarious & so dumb! Pure comedy & it kept me company in the bath this evening (don't know if taking my macbook near a bath is a good idea!) I hate baths I'm much more a shower girl but I found it really enjoyable watching something & this is just the best! May have to carry on this little habit without the addition of Lush of course! (Yak!)

Hope you've all been well since my last summary (I tend to only do them if I have something to say) Do let me know how your Christmases & New Years have been!!



  1. Oh, I just started watching An Idiot Abroad! Love it, so many quotables!

  2. I loved an idiot abroad!, one of the few things i actually i have watched and have laughed out loud at. x

  3. Gotta love Karl Pilkington, he's a legend :)

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