Sunday Summary!

Sunday 9 January 2011

Hey Ladies,

So we were all (or most of us) back at work this week, am I the only one dreading a 5 day week starting tomorrow? I've not worked 5 days a week since the beginning of December (EEEK!!)

Obviously my hair is my current love, I had convinced myself before that it would be difficult to maintain but a couple of plaits in my hair at night & its good as new in the morning or as my boyfriend said this morning 'you're hair looks stunning' <--- always puts a smile on a girls face!

Coffee & shopping with one of my bestest Jade, leopard print platforms were purchased & she got me student discount, I love her for that & for being her amazing self!!

Stephen Fry, now this isn't a new love but he is my current obsession, I downloaded his autobiography from iTunes that he narrates & I've listened to it before bed, before work, during work, after work ... you get the picture. His voice is so calming & his life is so interesting, this has caused me to download anything he's ever done on the TV/internet over the past few days & watch QI constantly (which my boyfriend likes thank god).
My boyfriend: 'you were downloading stuff last night weren't you'
Me: 'Yes'
My boyfriend: 'What was it?'
Me: 'Guess??'
My boyfriend: 'Stephen Fry?'
Me: 'Of course!'

I have a problem! My name is Nicola & i'm a Fryaholic!

Makeup wise I've been loving big lashes & just Mac All That Glitters eyeshadow, really simple & looks like you've made an effort, I can't be bothered with Gel eyeliner until I have my Stila Smudgepot & a new Mac 210 in my hands (FYI the sigma 210 I personally think is shite compared to the Mac one, wish I hadn't lost it!)

I've given in & accepted that I now enjoy baths (two in a week, compared to my normal two a year ... I do shower once or twice in between!) So me being me off to Lush I pop. I really don't like Lush! The shop smell is enough to make me vomit but my boyfriends son enjoys a blue bath so I promised him I would get him another bubble bar. I made it out vomit free & with a bath bomb for me & bubble bar for him. Frigging £7! rip off!!

So that's been my week basically, I've enjoyed it apart from being back at work obviously, I've gotten more settled at the boyfriends house & finally had a bit more sleep, discovered I can stay in bed til 8 o'clock & be at work for 9 o'clock which is amazing and generally feel more content! Plus Victoria Beckham is pregnant which is just brilliant!

Hope you've all had a brilliant work, let me know!! & recommend any none Lush bath stuff!! Please tell me i'm not the only one who can't stand the shop!!


  1. Your hair is looking good hun, it was so sweet of your boyfriend to say that about your hair, my boyfriend never ever says a word about how I look!

    I'm not really a big fan of Lush either. I prefer ordering online when I buy my annual Snow Fairy so I completely understand the vomitfest a Lush store can induce. :)

    She's pregnant? Wha...? When...? How didn't I know this!

  2. If you like baths now but hate Lush then Johnson's Dreamy Skin bubble bath might be a nice option. I love it for when my Lush stash gets low! xxx

  3. Nicola you look absolutely stunning in that picture! I am also loving all that glitters at the minute! x

  4. Your hair looks BEAUTIFUL Nicola! Love it.

    I'm dreading the 5 day week too. I was only in 3 days last week and that was painful enough. Booo work! x

  5. Your hair does look really lovely! I'm not a big Lush fan either, it's too expensive for me lol.. but I don't really mind the smell of the shop!!

  6. You look gorge in that picture, hair is so pretty. I was also dreading work as I was off on hol all last wk and with one thing or another hadn't done a full wk since beginning of Dec also but my Monday actually flew in as I had so much to catch up on, hope the rest of wk flies too(and yours)<3


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