Celebrity Makeup: The Good & The Oh So Bad!

Thursday 24 February 2011

Hey Ladies,

So being award season I have been looking at some of the makeup on the red carpet & I can't believe how wrong some celebrities can get it! Don't they have makeup artists & MIRRORS??

Is there a look this girl cannot pull off, red hair with pink eyeshadow & berry lips should be a no no but she makes it look great! I personally love the cropped hair with the blue cat eye liner & bright pink lips ... I feel a Rihanna inspired look coming on!

Mila Kunis
She just appears so effortless & stylish, she must wear a smokey eye on the red carpet every time yet I'm not bored of it & more importantly she doesn't over do it (see below)

Eva Longoria
The word trowel comes to mind, her foundation always looks piled on to me like it would crack if she moved any muscles in her face, I can't believe she's the face of L'oreal.

Kim Kardasian
I have to admit I'm lucky enough to have never been exposed to her (wrong wording since I know she made a sex tape but I'm talking her tv show) but from gossip sites she seriously piles on the foundation & concealer & black shadow & eyelashes. I've seen her without makeup & she looks so much better!

Katie Price 
No words I think are required she manages to look like a man in drag & she's a woman, a woman who drives me batty through self promotion & pimping the kids out to any magazine who'll buy it. Back to the makeup just awful!

Christina Aguilera
These pics speak for themselves, she went through a classy stage at some point & I wish she'd bring it back because even now with her crazy bloated face she wears far too much slap.

Maybe from the above you may get the impression less is more & I really truly believe this is the key in makeup, if you're wearing a smokey eye go with a foundation as sheer as you can get away with, if you're bronzing up the skin keep the rest of the makeup light & summery, if you're going for a strong lip keep the eyes simple with some well placed liner. Are you all with me, who's your worst repeat offender for wearing too much makeup?


  1. Love Rihanna's make-up, it always looks flawless but fun. She's not afraid to step out of the safety zone. I must admit that Kim K probably has my favourite make-up style, but maybe that's juts because I think she's gorgeous! Worst offender is definitely Jordan, but that's the 'glamour girl' style in general.

  2. I definitely agree with the less is more philosophy. I watch lisaeldridgedotcom on youtube for her tutorials on minimal (as well as dramatic when appropriate!) makeup techniques. It's also why I like yours Nicola - keeping it real!

  3. :o I LOVE Kim Kardashian's makeup and i honestly think she looks trampy as hell without any on. LOVE rihanna and you're right...theres no look my main chica cant pull off! As for Mila...i think she's honestly just growing into her style cos i'm sure if you dig deep, she made a few mistakes in her past

    Xisses, Onyxsta



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