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Wednesday 9 February 2011

Hey Ladies,

I was kind of hoping you could all talk me out of the things I want to splurge out on so wanted to show you all my current obsessions!

Topshop Nail Polish in Big Smoke - £5
This shade is exactly what I'm loving at the moment (you'll see how much in a future post)

Jemma Kidd Blush Duo in Soft Peach - £17
It had me at soft peach, peach blusher is all I tend to wear as it looks so natural on me, surely another one wont hurt??

Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme in Rose Gold - £17
I've heard nothing but positive about this highlighter & it is supposed to be amazing in pictures, is it shallow that I only want it for that???

Jemma Kidd Hydrating Gloss Stick in Peach - £13
See above in regards to the peach issue I have, it reflects in lipstick as well, I was recommended this product the most on Twitter, I now NEED one!!

CND Shellac Nails/UV Gel Coloured Nails
I removed my press on nails yesterday & immediately wanted them nice & strong again, although Shellac or other equivalents don't help strengthen nails it gives them artificial strength so you can grow damage out gradually without the pain of painting them every other day. So it is my mission to do them myself, I instantly regretted throwing out my UV lamp but I can get another. The only problem I have with Shellac is the lack of colour choice, all I want is a grey/brown/purple like the Topshop one above or more accurately Chanel Particuliere in gel form, if anyone can recommend me or link me to a gel system that has a similar colour I would love you forever!

My main problem with all these things mainly the Jemma Kidd I can't find one place that stocks them all :( so at least 2 sets of P&P is stopping me & as for the Topshop I am not paying P&P on a £5 nail polish & my stupid Topshop is too rubbish to stock their makeup.

... I guess I just talked myself out of most of it!

In other news this is my absolute obsession, I've had it on repeat all night!!

Very rarely can I listen to an album all the way through but this I loved, most of the songs reflect my current situation, one song (someone like you live) made me burst into tears!!

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far!


  1. Hmmmm.... I would pick one that doesn't look as good as the others.. but I can't! They are all so pretty :)

  2. Hey Nic, also really want to try them products by Jemma Kidd since i saw pixiwoo using the highlighter in her recent video. But asos dont stock it? Where did u find them online? Also loving Adele shes amazing! Someone like you makes me so sad but i cant stop listening to it! Thinking of happier times... Aww anyways!!

  3. i really want to try Shellac! I may do it this summer or sooner xoxo

  4. I love that coral shellac polish! I'm having a Shellac manicure done tomorrow, Im so excited!! I'm a nail biter so I'm hoping this will help me kick the habit.
    Having just a shape and polish costs the same as a regular manicure, so I might just switch to that for my next few manis.
    Sorry, I'm no help at all. I want all of these things now, too!!

  5. The Topshop nail varnish is a pretty colour!


  6. Me need me some Jemma Kidd!! I saw the highlighter on Pixiwoo's channel - It''s a bit out of my budget though :(

    Also loveing Adele!


  7. I absolutely adore Adele too, I can't wait to get her album!

  8. If you haven't got the nail varnish from Topshop yet, they've got free delivery on everything until 22nd Feb :) x


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