Don't You Just Hate It When ...

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Hey Ladies,

After the gorgeous Kelly was asking me about Miu Miu bags the other night I ended up having a little browse on Flannels & came across some beautiful Miu Miu shoes, like seriously beautiful.

Seriously so pretty, wahhhhh!
How amazing are these shoes, perfect for a short black dress & tights or with dark skinny jeans. Loved them immediately & then looked at the price, they were originally £345 & reduced to £180!! I bought them without question.

I was so excited to get them & wear them but this afternoon I received an email from Flannels saying that the shoes were sold out & they have refunded my card. Anger doesn't describe the way I felt, why when companies don't have the stock do they take the money out your account & make you think that the thing you want is yours.

I am not impressed with them & to say it's my first order with them I don't see me placing another. Don't you just hate it when companies do this?


  1. This happened to me with ASOS at Christmas! I got lots of Calvin Klein underwear sets in the sale, but only half the stuff was actually in stock! I didn't exactly want lots of mismatched stuff. Pfft. I feel your anger - those shoes are gorgeous x

  2. It's so frustrating!

    Not quite the same but earlier this year I'd got some lovely bits in my basket on my-wardrobe, went to pay (after opening an account etc etc) and two of them became out of stock as they weren't reserved until you paid. How does that make sense??!!

  3. Ugh the worst was actually grocery shopping with ocado when I was ill¤ only when the delivery arrives do you get told that stuff was refunded..which is shit when you want to make soup and 1/2 your ingredients aren't there!!
    Also happened at net a porter with a scarf I ordered. Very annoying!


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