Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New Mac Collections Hit The UK Website Early! My Purchases!

Hey Ladies,

It is normal custom for Mac to release their collections on the first Thursday of every month, well this month we had a treat & they were mostly released today on their UK Site!!

My Purchases

Creamblend blush in Something Special
A soft, peached coral, I love cream blushers so this sounds just my kind of thing!!

Wonder Woman in Pink Power (Not released on the site yet but I will be heading to Mac on Friday to pick it up!)
A peachy rose with pink shimmer, soft rosy bronze, and soft shell pink with fine shimmer, I was going to ignore the MSFs & Wonder Woman collection but watching Holly's video convinced me to get it!

Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lipstick
A peach-tinged pale beige-nude is just my kind of every day lipstick, so had to get it plus it's for charity & that's all the excuse I need!!

Shy Girl Lipstick
A fleshy, brighter pink that’s more pink than nude, I really need to stop buying hot pink lipsticks so have been sensible in getting these 2 lipsticks today for everyday use!

So there's my very controlled purchases from Mac today, tell me what you're getting from the new collections!!! Oh & what a lovely day it's been where I am, I was going to go on a mission to see what mischief I could get up to but slept in, it would have been a great day to do it, Thursday hopefully will be the day & I can take some interesting pics along the way!

All descriptions of shades are from Temptalia


  1. I got the pink power Msf and the peachy blush ( can never remember the name) when it came out on the selfridges website, today I got the lipstick from the WW collection, I cant spell the name but its a peachy colour! I have rediscovered shy girl recently. I was tempted with the new gaga lipstick but I will wait to see swatches etc first xx

  2. I just got the Pink Power MSF and I love it! Wish I wasnt so broke or else Id be getting more! Im going to wait to see swatches and pics of the gaga lippy before I think about getting it! xx

  3. Very controlled! I want the MSF after seeing HollyYM's blog on it too. Darn it... also want Mighty Aphrodite blush but then have to step away before my bank card melts.

  4. I have to get the pink power to! Will be in line at the store saturday morning!
    Lovely post
    xoxo Elle