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Monday, 21 March 2011

Urban Decay Primer Potion FINALLY Has New Packaging!

Hey Ladies,

The day has finally come where Urban Decay have redesigned the Primer Potion packaging so we can squeeze every little bit of the goodness from the tube instead of losing a finger chopping the top of to scoop the remains out.

I quite like the new packaging, It squeezes out of the top & doesn't come with an applicator which is great. I've not heard of a release date yet but get your savvy eye open for when they'll be selling the old packaging cheaply.

Can we all say a collective 'thank you Urban Decay for seeing sense & listening to the people who buy your products'

Two posts in one day, I am spoiling you!! Hope you're all having a lovely day mines been full of lovely packages :) which you will no doubt  see in a video!

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